Angus Buchan messages on being a Christian example

DVD Review by Andre Viljoen

Distributed by Christian Art Media

In this collection of four video messages Angus Buchan encourages believers to be Christian examples to a world that is absolutely desperate and clutching at straws which offer no hope at all. Each of the messages is Bible-based, uncompromising and filled with real life testimonies from Buchan’s own life and the lives of others. Buchan is affectionately known as Uncle Angus by many men (and women) who have been touched by his ministry. This collection definitely has an “Uncle Angus” feel as Buchan, seated at a coffee table in front of his farmhouse, imparts key truths about following Jesus — beginning in the home, in relationships with spouses and children.

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‘God Will Rescue Us’ is an encouragement to trust God’s promises, especially in times of testing.

‘A Double Standard’ is a call to be real, to be who you are and not to fall into the habit of hypocrisy.

‘The Fear of Man’ is about breaking free from the fear of what people might think of you when you take a stand for what you believe.

‘No More Secrets’ is a call to walk in transparency and freedom in the confident knowledge that as children of God our sins have been forgiven.

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