Angus Buchan on Freedom: DVD Review

angusfreedomDVD Review by Lance Walton, KMMC Coordinator in PE

Angus is anointed as an evangelist and people from all walks of life respond in a remarkable way when he shares a Jesus story. People recogniSe the genuine faith in Angus.

On the DVD on Freedom, Angus speaks with sincerity and confident faith that enables men and women to imagine they could have a meaningful relationship with Jesus. Angus invites people to live their faith today; the invitation is a great blessing.

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The double DVD pack comprises four talks: 1. Free Indeed, 2. The Battle of the Flesh, 3. Freedom is Discipline, and 4. The Comforter Brings Freedom.

Angus speaks about freedom and people in bondages of self. As you watch these programmes you are going to be liberated by the Holy Spirit to live a life of liberty and freedom that Jesus really meant you to have. For those who enjoy Angus’s ministry, I recommend this DVD. Enjoy these four teachings.

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