Artists who know the Creator to speak at PE prophetic art conference

Sonia Strumpfer, a Port Elizabeth fine artist and hostess of an inaugural prophetic art conference in the city, introduces the main speakers at the gathering at the Harvest Christian Pre-Primary School Hall from May 3 to 5.

The main objective of the conference is to get together fine artists from across the city and across church boundaries, to share a time of worship, testimonies and get activated, built- up and encouraged.

We can do our art to glorify God and have a high standard of art in the city.

Here is some info about the three main speakers:

Duncan Stewart

Duncan is well known and well loved in PE. He has a sure mandate from God to spread the Kingdom through his artwork.

Apart from being a husband and father, his work focuses on painting, sculpting and coaching people on how to access and develop their inherent creativity.

He will speak mainly on the perception of prophetic art and setting a standard.

Here is an excerpt from a previous article by Duncan:

In his book, Art and the Bible, Francis Schaeffer offers some helpful insights: ” Christian art is the expression of the whole life of the whole person as a Christian. What a Christian portrays in his art is the totality of life. Art is not to be solely a vehicle for some sort of self-conscious evangelism.”

When Schaeffer refers to Christian art being an expression of the whole life of the whole person, that encompasses my life as it journeys through salvation and sanctification, from sinner to saint, with all the highs and lows, reflecting not only my brokenness but also my beauty and marvelousness as one made in God’s image.

The terms “Christian artist” and “Christian art” are labels I have always struggled with. Is there really such a thing as “Christian” art? Certainly, there is art made by Christians, but should all of that art by necessity have a “Christian” theme?

Michael Minkoff writes: “Which would you rather have? Strong Christians staying within the Church making expertly crafted bronze sculptures, landscape paintings, and instrumental songs (none of which have the superficial appearance of being ‘Christian art’) … or outwardly ‘spiritual’ ‘Christian’ artists writing praise songs, making altar call movies, painting religious tableaus, but not actually believing in Christ or submitting to His Church. The emphasis on ‘Christian art’ over good art made by authentic Christians has been detrimental to the Church and her aesthetics.”
….these will be questions on which Duncan will elaborate and share his heart.

Karin Terblanche

Karin is an artist from Parys in the Free state. She will take us on a road deeper with God and right into His garden where He will speak with us. Be prepared to be encouraged by this artist as she will activate our faith in practical ways.

She says about herself:

I believe that I was made to create. I get that from my DAD in heaven. You see, I was meant to be that girl who drew at her Father’s feet and excitedly shares that, not just with Him but with anyone who would take the time to look. He has taught me many new things — where earthly teachers’ knowledge ceases, His begins. I never studied art but in a sense, I see myself as lucky for not doing so. In a way, I feel that God is teaching me His ways, His approach. And make no mistake I am still learning every day. Art is a very humbling profession, and in the ruthless world we live in, fighting old belief systems and dogmas, I think many would agree it isn’t all moonshine and roses.

But when your love for God gets expressed through a piece … when you are able to blur the already thin line between heaven and earth, you know that there is more to creating. Then, He gives you wisdom to persevere, strength to rise above a failed piece and so much grace.

A while ago I believe that I got the idea from the Lord to print my paintings onto fabric. Thus the idea of functional art in clothing came to be. I kicked off this new endeavour with one of my favourite items; a scarf and printed skirts are soon to follow. The theme throughout will be florals and gardens, seeing that the Lord has asked me to gather all to a garden for Him to connect with on an intimate level.

I often get challenged with heavenly designs that are shown to me in dreams – I feel like a new generation is manifesting and I excitedly accept this baton — to run with it and pass on when the time comes to do so.

Ilse Kleyn

Stellenbosch artist Ilse Kleyn needs no introduction as she is well known. Joy! magazine features her art regularly.

She will share her testimony with us and her walk with God through the years — from working as a policewoman to becoming a full-time artist and gallery owner.

She says of her art:

I am intrigued with the single form; human, animal or still life. I strive to capture the character and mood of the subject portrayed at that moment in time.

The orchestrated structure and form of each work of art provides a perspective of rare field atmosphere and dramatic appeal.

My work is full of detail and the colors are vibrant. It is my mission to paint works of art with a message to all generations, not just a piece of art to decorate the wall.

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