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Company responds to Roe v Wade by offering aid for employees’ adoption costs, birth expenses

Originally published in CBN News A Texas-based insurance company is responding to the reversal of Roe v Wade by supporting its employees with adoption expenses and medical costs associated with giving birth. Buffer Insurance announced last week that it was taking a different approach than some companies that have pledged to […]

Persecution of Christians has reached ‘genocidal’ proportions, conference concludes

Originally published in Church Times THE persecution of Christians around the world has reached “genocidal” proportions, and needs a response on the scale of the abolitionist or climate-change movements to raise awareness, a conference of politicians, bishops, and charities concluded. One in every seven Christians is facing discrimination and persecution daily — much of […]

UKRAINE: Chaplain rescues trapped civilians as war rages

Originally published in Voice of the Martyrs Since the opening days of the war, Gennadiy Mokhnenko, a chaplain in Ukraine’s military, and his band of brothers have rescued thousands trapped between Ukrainian and Russian forces. “Right now, this is [a very] dangerous place,” Mokhnenko told CBN News. “Every time when […]

‘God, what have I done?’ says UK man suing health care provider over trans surgery

Originally published in Faithwire A British man is planning to sue the United Kingdom’s National Health Service for granting him transgender, body-altering surgery without — in his view — considering his mental illness. As the anesthesia from his 2018 surgery wore off, the now-35-year-old Ritchie Herron recalled immediately thinking: “Oh, […]