Award winning Christian rocker Adrian Sing says passion for Jesus is the key

A live TV screenshot of Adrian Sing and wife Roxanne moments after he received an award in the Best Gospel Rock category at the SABC Crown Gospel Awards in Durban on Sunday November 27 2016. Listen to ‘All the Glory’ on youtube below.

All the glory is the fitting name of the song which earned Adrian Sing the Best Gospel Rock award at the SABC Crown Gospel Awards at the Durban ICC on Sunday.

“I would like to give all the honor to God as without Him we would not be in this position and I want to thank Him for the blessings that he has given myself and Ashley [Ashely Aunapan — producer/drummer] and the rest of the band. We just want to use what we have to give God praise,” said the passionate young Jesus-follower, husband and father of two, from Mount Edegecombe, Durban, in an interview hours before the awards event.

All the glory is one of the 12 original songs — 11 by Sing and one by Aunapan — on his album Unashamed which has made waves locally and internationally since its release in late 2015.

Sing was also nominated at the Crowns for Best Songwriter — a nomination that moved him deeply and that he ascribes less to his talent than to the fruit of years of loving God passionately and serving to the best of his ability in his local church and in little things.

Opening doors for others
“I want people to see me and say that if God can do it for him He can do it for me too,” he said, adding that a deep desire of his heart and members of his Y2J (Yes to Jesus) movement was to help open doors for rising musicians/worshipers who faced tough obstacles like he had.

“Some guys are so gifted in the area of music it is almost like they don’t need God but with us we need God. Love God and everything else will fall into place,” he said.

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“We are proof that God is real, people that know us and people that don’t know us get to see us and see that it is only God and that it has nothing to do with that guy, because honestly we were just talking about how my cord work is so bad,” he said.

Sing, who is the full-time musical director at Rhema Durban said it was his passion for God and gratitude to the Lord for what He has done for him, that inspired him to start his musical journey 16 years ago as a teenager.

“For many years I was rejected by other musicians and singers that would say things like ‘Get off the stage’.” he said.

But his love for God and even the rejections drove him to do more and to learn how to channel his passion and energy more effectively.

Unashamed is on most of the major digital platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and CD Baby.

For churches and cell groups
Talking about the album Unashamed Sing says it is a praise and worship compilation in which every song is meant to be played and sung in a church or cell group environment by people at any skill level.

“I wrote those songs because I wanted people to draw closer to God, not to draw closer to me. It must bring them closer to the Word because every song on that album is Word based.

Describing himself as a student of the Word he said that discoveries he made in the bible about who he was — the head and not the tail, a child of God, a holy nation, a royal priesthood — and other biblical truths — just naturally found their way into his songwriting.

Asked about the album title — Unashamed — Sing said: “It is from Romans 1:16  which says that I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power unto salvation. I am not ashamed to go to McDonald’s and in the line I will be telling someone about Christ because I am not ashamed about what he has done because where I am today is because of what He has done. Without God I am nothing and nobody but with Him I can do all things through Christ,”

Sing says his Y2J band — or movement as he prefers to call it — is made up of people from different parts of the country (Durban, Johannesburg, East London and Cape Town currently) who share a similar passion for Christ and His gospel and understand the particular music flow.

The movement all started coming together spontaneously last year and enables them to minister in different areas without over-burdening anybody or taking them away from serving in their local churches.

Y2J was not just about the musicians but about everybody who participated in any way to make it a success including sound people and the person who takes the pictures, he said.

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