Biblical Christmas messages for everybody

DVD Review by Andre Viljoen

Genre: Compilation of Christmas messages
Distributed by Christian Art Media

In this collection of three Christmas messages, engaging Christian communicator, pastor and author, Andy Stanley shines some light from Scripture that is sure to bring a fresh perspective on this season to all who listen. Stanley has a unique gift of teaching in a way that connects with our everyday humanity, is deeply respectful of those who have not accepted Christ as their Saviour, and yet presents Biblical truth with clarity and conviction.

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Each of the messages is plus minus half an hour long. In ‘A Random Christmas’ he compares the sudden appearance of an angel with an unexpected message to a young, engaged virgin, with the curve balls that sometimes seem to randomly disrupt our life plans. He challenges us to respond to those disruptions in the way that Mary did.

‘Uncomplicating Christmas’ begins with some deadpan accounts of the absurd family and social complications that entangle so many of us year after year at Christmas time. I can’t help you sort out those complications, he says. But at least I can help you uncomplicate the bottom line message of Christmas. He proceeds to share the greatest “good news” that any of us will ever hear.

In “Let There Be Light” which includes a bonus audiovisual presentation, he points out a tendency in all of us to be offended when the light of truth shines on areas of darkness within our own lives. He urges us to receive and celebrate the Light of the world that first came to earth when Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

This Christmas message DVD can be shown with confidence to church or family groups that include believers and unbelievers. It is also a DVD that could be enjoyed by anybody who is called to teach or preach: just enjoy the opportunity to learn from somebody who has mastered a way of reaching across the faith divide.

Stanley is the founding pastor of North Point Ministries, in Atlanta, Georgia, which was established in 1995 with the vision of creating churches that un-churched people love to attend. Each week, more than 30 000 people attend services at an NPM church in the Atlanta area.

The DVD is available at Christian book shops for R24.

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