Cape to Musina crosswalk restarting after Covid interruption

The Crosswalk is back! On Saturday, Reini Coetzee and four fellow team members will be resuming a 2 000km trek from Cape Town to Musina as they embark on the last 500km from Midrand.

The first part of the journey ended in suspense in mid-December, with Reini and David Smith admitted to hospital with Covid-19 — Reini on oxygen but with a promise from the Lord that He would see him through the ordeal. 

Reini said that during their forced rest many people sent messages of encouragement and hope to the men who had sacrificed their time, their hearts, their bodies and their lives for the cause of the Cross. 

He said he is filled with gratitude to the Lord for His provision during their sickness. They fell ill while staying in Gauteng with a friend who subsequently paid for their admission to hospital and has been a tremendous blessing to the team.

Reini, David and Sive Mjoli, who remained healthy, managed to return home to their families in East London for Chrstmas and to recoup.

After repeated follow-ups with their respective doctors, Reini and Sive were given the go-ahead to resume the cross walk and began training to build their fitness back to a level where their bodies could cope with the strain of walking so far while wheeling a heavy wooden cross. They will be accompanied on the last stretch by fellow walkers Abraham, Claus and Tertius who share their passion for God and love and hope for SA.

So the journey continues. 

The cross walkers expect to reach Musina in less than a month, walking an estimated 30km per day,

Reini said he was excited to continue with the mandate to take the cross along the highways and byways of the country spreading hope and the love of Jesus to everybody they meet. They are trusting in the Lord for His continued presence, with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in each believer following with signs and wonders.

The greatest miracle they encountered on their journey was the revival in the heart of each believer, knowing that God loves them and that He sent His only Son, so that all who believe shall receive eternal life and shall not perish (John 3:16), said Reini.

He said he was filled with expectation as to what the Lord will do on the last stretch of their walk, and he believed that God would continue to show Himself faithful on their behalf. 

With South Africa in dire need of the Lord, His love and His healing, Reini and the team aim to prepare the way for Him to bring times of refreshing to the nation. 

For further information about the walk please contact Reini at 076 756 9003.

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