Cape Town magistrate comes to rescue of baby born in courthouse

Pearl Andews.

A Cape Town magistrate said God used her to come to the aid of a mother and her newborn baby who were in difficulty shortly after the baby boy was born in a toilet in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Acting Senior Magistrate Pearl Andrews said she was on her way to a prosecutor’s office when she heard that a woman had just given birth to a baby in a toilet. She hurried to the toilet where two women were struggling to assist the mother and baby in cramped conditions.

Andrews said she realised that there was a problem and that despite her lack of medical experience she needed to act quickly, because the baby was a gift from God. She got hold of some cleaner’s rubber gloves and managed to manoeuvre the baby and mother into a stable position until the paramedics arrived.

The mother and her baby boy were taken to Retreat Maternity Hospital.

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