Catchy and uplifting new Hyland album

Music Review by Shelley Wasserman

Genre: Pop/rock
Released in SA by Brettian Productions.
Track listing:
1.    Power and Love
2.    Wondering and Waiting
3.    Beauty in the Broken
4.    Brothers
5.    Calm in the Storm
6.    More than Famous
7.    Work in Progress
8.    Lucky in Love
9.    Well Done
10.    Never Fails You

Hyland is a group that comes from Minneapolis. They consist of four members:  Jon Lewis as their frontman, Steve Weigel on the drums, Mitch Hansen on the guitar and Ben Early on keys and guitar.

This is Hyland’s second release.  Their first release in 2010, ‘Weights and Measures’, did so well that they were included on the list of the top 100 bands to watch out for in 2010.  Three of their singles from that album broke into the top 20.

They have worked with the likes of Kutless, The Rhett Walker Band, Firelight, I Am Empire and Eric Samuel Timm.
‘Finding Our Way’ is such a good album that it has debuted at number 5 on the iTunes Christian Album Charts.

Some quotes from those who have heard the album:
‘This is a great modern worship album filled with deep and meaningful songs. Hyland music is so easy for all listeners to enjoy, regardless of your taste or style. I can’t imagine someone not liking Hyland, buy it!’ – Living Love.

‘I take music very seriously. Not that music can’t be fun or has to have a serious message. I truly like Bruno Mars’s “Lazy Song”. I used to even like the occasional Wierd Al Song. What I mean is that just because a song has a good melody, if it contains “weak, predictable” lyrics then I really don’t want to spend my time listening. Also if the song has amazing lyrics that are poetic and thoughtful but the melody is cliche, then again I am sadly dissappointed. I like all types of music (except twangy Country). It has been a while since an entire album caught my attention where every song would tug at my heart and make me think “The writer has read my deepest thoughts and feelings and wrote this song about it.” This album “Finding our Way” DOES just that. My favorite song being “Well Done” truly speaks to my desires in life. Their is a lyric in one of the songs that states, “I know I am living someone elses dream”. Jon…..your living my dream….and with the release of this album….let me say your doing it better than I ever could. Buy this album!!’ – Double J.

The general feel of the album is light-hearted and uplifting with a catchy sound. The lyrics are relevant to life and our experiences, also reflecting on where the band has come from, where they are at, as well as pointing out the direction home.

On track 1, ‘Power and Love’, they talk about living in the power and love God has given us instead of our fears.  We are encouraged to learn from others mistakes and to become what we want our life to be. 2 Timothy 1:7 is the Biblical reference for this song.

Track 2, ‘Wondering and Waiting’ is a song about growing old and being in a rut, waiting for dreams to come true and wondering if the dreams are more than we deserve.  It’s about trusting in God’s dreams and plans for our lives…’so that we make it home’.

Track 3, ‘Beauty in the Broken’ is a song God sings over us in our brokenness.  The scripture for this song is found in Jeremiah.  The words are comforting in that it talks of how He holds us and walks it out with us, how He can be trusted with our hearts and it encourages us to know that He sees the bigger picture.

Track 4, ‘Brothers’ is a song about finding your own way and learning from others’ mistakes.  It makes reference to the poem by Robert Frost ‘The Road less traveled’.

Track 5, ‘Calm in the Storm’, is about those times when our faith is at its lowest, and when we feel like we cannot go on. The encouragement comes across so beautifully: ‘Take heart, He’s never gonna leave us, our God, the strength in our weakness, come rest in His arms, He is the calm in our storm…No matter where you’ve been, no matter where you are, grace is crashing in, His love is not that far’.

They sing on track 6 of the album, ‘More than Famous’, of God being unchanging, unfailing and always the same,  Him being glorious and more than famous.  The bridge goes on to sing: ‘Let my life shine, let the world see You alone are everlasting’.  This is one of my favourites on the album.

Track 7, ‘Work in Progress’, is about just that: We are indeed a work in progress and we should keep giving of our best no matter what.

Track 8, ‘Lucky in Love’ is a love song written by Jon Lewis.  It’s beautiful and sings of the unknown, but still always being lucky in love.

Track 9, ‘Well done’ is a song that expresses the desire to hear those words from our loved ones, but how actually in the end, it is really our Father in Heaven who we really need to hear those words from.

Track 10, ‘Never Fails You’ is a reminder that even ‘though the weight of the world tries to drag you down, there is hope inside you now, so don’t give up.’  What an encouragement!

I liked this album, it is catchy and uplifting.  A good buy.

Watch video of Beauty in the Broken track:


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