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85% of Kenyans are pro-life as abortion pushed on country by international organisations — new survey

Originally published in Right to Life 85%  of people in Kenya believe “abortion should never be permitted”, a new survey conducted by Ipsos MORI has revealed. The poll, which questioned 2,050 people across the country, also showed a higher percentage of women than men believe abortion should never be permitted, with […]

Kingdom nation-builders invited to join visionary online conference next week

Anybody who wants to see the Kingdom of God advancing in every sphere of their nation — especially in the public sector, political realm, and economic and marketplace sectors — is invited to register for next week’s “September Intensive Online” hosted by South Africa’s newly-established School of Governance. So says […]

Release of Christians in Eritrea raises hopes for religious freedom, says persecuted-Church missionary in SA

Reports that the Eritrean government has released 27 Christian prisoners of faith raises hopes for the release of other church leaders who still remain behind bars, says Filmon Tesfai, a fugitive from Eritrea and missionary with Voice of the Martyrs (VoM) South Africa. “These believers stayed from two to 16 […]

Sudan agrees with rebels to remove Islam as state religion

By Jayson Casper — Originally published in Christianity Today In signing successive peace deals with entrenched rebel movements last week, Sudan drew upon the legacy of Thomas Jefferson. “The constitution should be based on the principle of ‘separation of religion and state,’” read the text of an agreement between the […]