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Veteran SA theologian writes book to help preachers polish sermons

Veteran theologian and author Professor Klaus Nürnberger recently published his latest book titled Speaking in the Name of God: A Manual for Preachers. The book presents itself as an on-the-job training course for lay preachers and a self-enhancing tool for ordained preachers. Having listened to and presented countless sermons himself, […]

Louie Giglio implores Church to talk about depression, mental illness

Neziswa Kanju spoke to Louie Giglio, US pastor, Passion movement founder and author during his recent visit to South Africa. In this article she shares on a message-of-the-hour on mental illness, which Giglio drew to her attention. In next week’s Gateway News we will publish her profound interview with Giglio on […]

New children’s book shares Jesus through tale of carpenter who made wooden world

First-time author Lee-Ann Engelbrecht’s new children’s book titled Carl and the Carpenter: Forgiveness offers a new perspective that seeks to help children to better-understand who Jesus Christ is to them and how to relate better with Him. Drawing from Jesus Christ’s true-life as a carpenter, the book is based in […]