Chikane and Molapo address One Love Tshwane event

Rev Frank Chikane preaching at the One Love event.

Tshwane pastors united last week Wednesday at the Choose Life Church in Moreleta Park, Pretoria to attend the One Love Tshwane pastors’ gathering organised by the Love Pretoria East Christian Leaders’ Network (LPE).

The aim of the One Love Tshwane movement is to motivate leaders from across historical doctrinal, territorial and racial divides to come together in May to preach on the same theme. The objective is to give pastors an opportunity to broaden their horizons and move out of their comfort zones.

The initiative encourages pastors to swap pulpits (preaching in one another’s services), engage in corporate, unified prayer for the city and participate in city outreach events. The initiative is facilitated by the Tshwane Leaders Forum (TLF), a gathering of church fraternal leaders from several church fraternals from every corner of Tshwane, representing hundreds of churches from most denominations in the city. More information about the initiative and a detailed prayer guide can be found on their website:

The meeting
The highly-respected Rev Frank Chikane and entertaining Dr David Molapo were the main speakers of the event. They left the pastors with some food for thought. The Choose Life worship team led the audience into a fervent worship session after which Rev Chikane took to the stage. His humble spirit was evident in the way he shared with enthusiasm the experiences of his latest outreach in North Korea.

“There are people in North and South Korea, who just want peace. They want to unite with their long-lost families and be free of the ideologies the world’s super powers imprinted on their countries.” His heart went out for the people in these countries. “The world wants to tell us to rather act against the threat they pose, but I am telling you — God loves our enemies ever more, when we want to get rid of them.”

He said his life is a testament to God’s character. “The Lord has a way of walking us through life, allowing certain trials and events to teach us more about who He is. We can trust that He always has a purpose even if we don’t understand it.” Chikane exclaimed: “If you think you understand God, you are mistaken. He works in mysterious ways!”

Dr David Molapo speaking at the One Love event.

Second session
The second session was kicked in gear with a powerful prayer time. The audience prayed for a better relationship between the wealthy and the poor, for unity among all in the city, and for the city itself. Dr Molopa, a renowned motivational speaker then took to the stage. He holds two of South Africa’s most prestigious awards, the Young Achiever of the Year — South Africa Award and Four Outstanding South African’s Awards (FOYSA) and has consulted for more than a 100 companies.

Molapo inspired the audience with a message of hope. “Light always wins, when it stands against darkness. We all know the world is darkened by sin, and it attempts to bring us light-bearers down, but we should not let the world define us. In a world of Facebook, Twitter and an array of social media it is difficult for us not to be branded and labelled by the world, but we should remember who we are. Jesus defines us — not the world.

“We are children of God, ordained to be light-bearers to the world. Jesus still delivers us from sin, he still heals us in these dark times — #darkness must fall!”

He said we should remember there is only one light and we should always search for new ways to unite as the body of Christ — “Those of us still searching for fame, take heed so that the flame of fame will not consume you. We should always seek unity in building God’s Kingdom, for His purposes and glory.”

He encouraged pastors and preachers who are burnt out, who work hard but see no results, that God will give them rest. “We must just trust in His ways and not only seek God’s power, but relish in the treasures within His presence. Sometimes He chooses to speak in a whisper, rather than showing off His power. There is a time for both.”

The day ended with a network opportunity to build new partnerships and to unite, to change Tshwane. “May we see our one and only God be glorified in the one Church of which Christ is the head and may this one city together see the power of His transformation,” the One Love Tshwane website states.

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