Christian website, Bible Gateway, revamps to make site more personal


Article originally posted in Religion News

The design is now responsive and accommodates synchronized personal user notes and Bible highlights

The world’s most visited Christian website, the online Bible search engine Bible Gateway has remade its site to include new functions for users to personalize and deepen their online experience. “We’ve worked a long time on this, to make sure we carefully and properly meet the expectations of the hundreds of millions of users of Bible Gateway,” says Rachel Barach, general manager. “Our new design now gives them a streamlined experience that’s easier to navigate, while retaining the reliable and fast Bible search engine they’ve come to know, love, and use every day.” Among early reviews of the new design, declares, “The premier Bible website has become even better;” United Bible Societies says, “Loving the new Bible Gateway look!;” and bestselling author Lee Strobel calls it “great!” Features of the new site include all the attributes of the previous site that have led Christianity Today magazine to call it “the world’s leading Bible website” (such as the ability to compare different Bible version passages side-by-side, audio narrations of the Bible, and a daily blog of Bible-related articles) plus: a responsive design that automatically adjusts to the proper screen size of the user, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone custom registration that allows users to set up accounts to begin taking personal notes on, and color highlight, the Scripture verses they read easier navigation between pages designed presentation of Bible, devotional, and reference content synchronization of notes and highlights between a user’s multiple devices a dropdown complete Bible book list on the homepage for easier browsing. Bible Gateway was visited 456 million times in 2013, generating 1.5 billion views spread over 76 million hours by individuals whose majority ages were between 18-34. People from 242 countries and territories used the site last year, including Vatican City, Israel, Palestine, China, Cuba, and North Korea. The top 10 countries using are USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Philippines, Colombia, Singapore, and South Africa. Bible Gateway is the number one search result for Bible-related matters on Google, Bing, Aol., YAHOO!, and other global search engines.

About Bible Gateway
Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Bible Gateway is the original multilingual Internet Bible, offering Christian Scripture (including Apocrypha) in more than 70 languages and more than 180 Bible versions, along with supporting Bible reference dictionaries and commentaries. It also publishes more than 60 free email Bible reading plans and devotional newsletters. It’s Bible Gateway App for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire, used by millions, is the winner of the Christian New Media Award for Christian Mobile/Tablet App of the Year (2013). C|NET says the Bible Gateway App “is one of the cleanest, most efficient apps for interacting with the Bible that you can find for your Android” and “can’t be topped by other Bible apps.”

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