Chuck Pierce: vote for how you would want to be visited

Chuck Pierce shared a word about the US presidential election on Wednesday. (PHOTO: Charisma News)

Originally published in Charisma News.

Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion International Ministries has been waiting for the 2016 presidential election for eight years.

Having already prophesied the rise of President Barack Obama while traveling the country in 2005—three years before his election in 2008—the Lord caught him up a few months before that election with a new word about the future of the country. He said it’s being played out right now.

“We were praying in Liberty Park, in New Jersey … there were about 2 000 of us gathered there,” he said in an exclusive interview with Charisma Caucus. “He showed me that in eight years, there would be a triumph of the people. He showed me 21 states are in alignment, but each could come into alignment.

“So, I asked how America will shift, and He took me state by state. It took four hours. But in the end, He told me, ‘America needs to learn how to play the trump card.’ That was eight years ago.

The “trump card,” Pierce said, is Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who he has been watching the Lord put into a prominent position over the course of this election cycle. He hasn’t endorsed the businessman-turned politician, but he believes the billionaire will play a key role in our nation’s future.

The 2016 election and its outcome have far less to do with Trump, however, and much more to do with prayer and making timely decrees that will shift the power structures in America. There are only two possible outcomes, he added: America either makes “an incredible shift” to realign those structures with the Lord, or new structures will be put in place that will control our nation greatly for years to come.

“Mr. Trump is very—not part of the structure,” he said. “He’s going against the structure, which has turned our country away from the Lord rather than back to Him. The only way we’re going to see our nation move back to the Lord is if we tear down the structure, which is stopping justice.”

Pierce said the election all boils down to the Supreme Court, and he urges Christians to vote for what is necessary to bring back God-ruling order to the high court.

Likening Trump—who has pledged to install judges of that type if elected—to Jephthah from the book of Judges, he said Christians need to “get past liking a candidate,” noting the Lord used Jephthah—”a very wicked man”—and others to restore Israel.

“When the Lord removed the Jezebel spirit out of Israel, He didn’t do it with the existing structures. He called up three judges,” he said. “Without those three judges, the right prophetic voice and the transformers, it wouldn’t have happened.

“We’re rallying God’s people. And now we’ll watch as God begins to take America back again.”

Pierce said, regardless of how the election goes, there will be a “major shift” in America. If Trump wins, the US will be “better aligned” economically with other nations, and Israel will once again have a strong ally. If Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton wins, we will drift further from Israel and, as he put it, “the Cold War will get colder.”

“My heart would be for the Lord to let your people play that triumph—that means trump card,” he said. “We need to have a more triumphant spirit in the nation, and Christians need to learn to pray more strategically. We need to be better timed in how we make decrees.”

He also said Christians need to vote based on how they want to be visited by the Lord.

“In the bible, one of the definitions of ‘visitation’ is to cast a vote, in an overseer role,” he said. “Christians have become caught up in whether or not we have a good candidate to vote for, but that’s not the issue. We should vote for visitation.

“How do you want to be visited? Then, that is how you should vote. We should be voting to overturn the structure in America.”

Pierce said the Lord told him Ohio, Nevada and North Carolina will be the key states in the election, particularly North Carolina, which he said will be “the deciding factor” in what will happen in America. But even as we prepare for election day, he said Christians need to be prepared for what comes afterward.

“The body of Christ needs to do our part,” he said. “We need to be sure we’re pressed in for a change of our nation, and then leave the results up to the Lord.”

If Clinton wins, he says he will “pray through and walk with it,” but reminded Christian Americans that a new movement has arrived for the country. America won’t be in the same prayer movement it has been in.

“We’re really in for some big surprises,” he said. “I think America is more volatile than we know, and whichever way the election goes, we’re not going to be in the same type of nation we’ve known in the past. That’s why I wrote in my book a chapter on why Christians need to learn war.”

Pierce is doing his part to help prepare the body of Christ. Recently, he shared another word he received from the Lord about the changes that are coming for America.

Right now, he’s traveling across the country with Dutch Sheets. In the past, he’s traveled to all 50 states, but said the Lord told him to visit 22 key cities this year.

“We find an apostolic church that is open to gathering, and we get the word out and start praying and gathering,” he said. “We should get about 1 000—maybe 1 500 or 2 000 people.”

Pierce and Sheets were set to gather with believers in Las Vegas on Wednesday night as part of their 22-city swing through the country. Pierce said they are “rallying the troops” and praying for the nation to move back to the Lord again.

“That’s the real key for us Christians,” he said. “Do you have faith to pray? The Lord warned us a lot about the kingdoms on Earth, but His kingdom is a nation above nations, … we know that prayer can change the course of a nation.”

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