Conference will challenge Christians to adapt to changing world

A founder member of the Hezbollah in Iran who has since  found Christ will be one of the international speakers at an  upcoming conference that will challenge Christians to partner with God in mission in a changing world.

The two-day “A World In Context Conference” hosted by INcontext Ministries will be held in Windhoek (September 30  to October 1 ), Durban ( October 4 to 5) and Cape Town (October 6 to 8 ).

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The conference will encourage Christians to look at the world through strategic eyes, identifying world mission hotspots, major roleplayers and significant trends and events that shape the world.

The conference will be relevant to all Christians, not just “missions people”, says Andrew Richards, of INContext Ministries.

” In one way or another, a changing world will catch up with everyone of us. The only way we can be prepared for this, is by educating ourselves beforehand,” he says.

Global trends that will be highlighted include the global shift of Christianity, the geographical shift of Islam, compromising faith in the West, declining faith in Europe and freedom of faith in Asia.

The speakers, who are all highly experienced in their fields include Dr Dudley Woodbury, a professor of Islamic Studies;  Johnny Li, former gangster and now serving missionaries in China; Daniel Shayestah, the former Hezbollah leader who will share his dramatic testimony; and OM Worship Leader Bill Drake who will talk on the role of worship and the arts in mission.

INContext Ministries was established last year by Mike Burnard who has been full time in missions for more than 30 years of which the last 23 years was with Open Doors, serving persecuted Christians worldwide.

Conference bookings can be made online at or by calling 072 344 0568 or emailing

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