Court kills ‘Doom prophet’ fumigation sermons

Doom prophet. (PHOTO: news24)

Originally published in news24

The Limpopo High Court has granted an interdict against the ‘Doom prophet’.

Limpopo Health Department spokesperson Derrick Kganyago says the department has been granted an interdict by the Limpopo High Court to stop the “Doom prophet” Lethebo Rabalago from spraying poisonous insecticide on his congregation.

The unorthodox preacher from Mount Zion General Assembly made the news recently when he claimed that spraying Doom – a household insecticide aerosol brand – on his congregation would heal them.

Kganyago said the department had wanted Rabalago to first be mentally evaluated, and then last week they applied for the interdict in the Limpopo High Court.

“You will remember that at first we wanted him to be mentally evaluated because this is unhuman. You can’t spray Doom on people as it has health hazards. Now we have launched an interdict to stop him and his church from spraying people with Doom, and the High Court has granted [it to] us,” he said.

‘Alarming and extremely concerning’
“We grew up knowing that Doom will cause health hazards on people, and this pastor is spraying it on people,” said Kganyago.

On Monday, November 28, the Doom prophet posted a video of him spraying the insecticide on himself, and was also quoted saying he is unfazed by his critics.

It is believed that on Sunday members of the EFF went to stop his church service and threatened to burn down his tent. It was also reported that Rabalago fled from his house fearing for his life.

Tiger Brands, which manufactures Doom, is on record saying the spraying of its product in people’s faces was “alarming and extremely concerning”.

“We want to make very clear that it is unsafe to spray any Doom or any aerosol onto people’s faces. Doom has been formulated to kill specific insects, which are detailed on the cans, and the packaging has very clear warnings which must be adhered to,” the company said.

On the church’s Facebook page, it is claimed that Rabalago commands demons to enter the congregants’ bodies, as “demons need flesh to operate”. He then addresses the demons and drives them out of their bodies.

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