Decriminalisation of prostitution remains on agenda

President Jacob Zuma
President Jacob Zuma

Originally published in news24

The possible decriminalisation of prostitution will remain on the agenda of the newly appointed SA Law Reform Commission (SALRC), President Jacob Zuma said on Monday.

The commission has been working on “Project 107”, which deals with sex work, for over a decade, he said in written reply to a parliamentary question.

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“Research on the various projects of the commission as was approved by the previous commission continues unabated,” Zuma said.

“This research is done by a team of full time researchers who have been assigned to the commission.”

Last year the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) supported decriminalising the sex trade for adult prostitutes, saying it would ensure a safer working environment, and prevent police officers from victimising them.

This year the Commission for Gender Equality gave its support to decriminalisation, saying it would offer better protection for prostitutes.

A report by SALRC researchers proposes four options for the new commission to consider: decriminalisation, regulation, partial criminalisation, and total criminalisation.

Christian organisations opposed to the legalisation of prostitution say it will promote human trafficking and will benefit organised crime.

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