Different, creative versions from Mercy Me!!!

Music Review by Shelley Wasserman


Track Listing:

  1. Hungry
  2. Hosanna
  3. My Glorious
  4. Mighty to Save
  5. Come Thou Fount
  6. You’re Beautiful
  7. Hearts Sing Louder
  8. Just As I Am
  9. Psalm 139 (You Are There)
  10. In Christ Alone
  11. There Is A Fountain

What I love about Mercy Me is that their hearts for worship and their love of God is actually audible and so plainly obvious in every song they produce!  This CD is a collection of popular worship songs (other artists, and some originals) as well as classic hymns. 

I would like to highlight a few of my favourite tracks on the album:

“Hungry”, written by Kathryn Scott, is beautiful regardless of who sings it!  Mercy Me however, does an exceptional job of just upping it’s ‘beautifulness’ if you will give me license to make up my own word. The keyboard and a vocal is all you’ll hear and the simplicity of it all is captivating and it is definitely one of my favourite recordings of this well known Vineyard song.

“My Glorious”, originally done by Delirious, is just plain WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS VERSION!!!!!!!!! …TOTALLY more than any other version I have ever heard.  It starts with a rock and roll and blues feel and oh my goodness it is amazing!  My favourite of the album for sure! Take a listen:

“Come Thou Fount” is so lyrically strong.  Couple that with a creative band with a heart to lift up our Saviour you can be sure this version is going to be powerful and incredibly moving.

“You’re Beautiful” by Phil Wickham is such an incredibly mesmerising song.  While they don’t play too much on the gentleness of the first few verses I have heard before from other versions it still is beautiful.  It builds up and crescendos in the last verse and chorus with beautiful wedding bells chiming.  A very powerful version.

“Hearts Sing Louder” is a disco number.  I have to say rather out of place from what I know from Mercy Me and quite a surprise…But what FUN!  What I do want to say though, is that right now, my boyfriend is dancing all corny like in my lounge as he says he can’t sit still to this funky beat.  He says it’s “one for the hips!” Oh how I wish I could video it and show you. Ha ha!

CDs, like this one, are the reason I like to do these reviews as you find some really great albums.  I really like this one.  It’s different and so creative. Go get it!  It’s awesome!

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