Don Moen, Loyiso Bala collaboration will include more hymns

60cc5ec2-849b-44cc-a375-3ea69504df00World renowned worship leader Don Moen and award winning South African musician Loyiso Bala will be collaborating on more songs than ‘How Great Thou Art’, they disclosed at a recent media briefing in Johannesburg.

At the briefing at which media had an opportunity to hear their version of the classic hymn, ‘How Geat Thou Art’, we learned that their collaboration was spearheaded by Content Connect Africa (CCA) who have presence across Africa and describe themselves as “music forward, fearlessly leading the industry, creating a home for artists that builds global recognition for African music”. They are certainly doing that with the collaboration of these two worship leaders.

Kabelo Mabalane, programme director at the briefing, said that media play an important role in promoting gospel music. The event was organised by Christian Art Media (CAM) and CCA. CAM has been involved in Loyiso’s gospel career from the beginning five years ago.

Loyiso thanked his good friend, musician Kabelo Mabalane, for always being there and for being his “spiritual older brother”. He also thanked Don Moen for agreeing to be involved in the project. Loyiso said he has learnt a lot from the older musician. He has been inspired watching him and seeing his humility. He said that is a rare trait in one so accomplished. He admitted that working with Moen was a huge career milestone as he has looked up to the musician for many years.

Don Moen spoke of a rich history he has with South Africa that dates back to 1972. He shared story after story of his precious memories of this country. He spoke of how he bought his wife an engagement ring in Jeppe Street in Johannesburg. He said there is no province in South Africa where he has not ministered.

“I have spent more time here than in any other country,” he said.

Looking down memory lane he said that it would come as a surprise to many to know that he first “worked” with Loyiso as far back as 1993 when the Drakensberg Boys Choir (of which Loyiso was a part) sang with him in one of his SA tours.

Moen said that collaborating with another artist can be tricky as it depends on many aspects, one of which is whether the two artists work well together. He said that he has enjoyed working with Loyiso and they are looking at working on more hymns together.

On The single ‘How Great thou Art’ the two singers have retained what we love about this well known classic but Loyiso added a beautiful ode to the Lord at the end. How Great Thou Art is a single from Loyiso’s upcoming album Kingdom Come which will be released in May. The track How Great Thou Art is already available on MTN CallerTunez for free (T&C Apply).

Don Moen is scheduled to tour SA in early July. He said because of the high costs of having his American band travelling with him he is contemplating using local singers to back him in SA.



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