‘Eagle food’ and ‘Samson water’ for the weary –Mandy Adendorff

Mandy Adendorff

Originally published in Elijah Streams

Jewish, South African-born Mandy Adendorff shares prophetic dreams she had after the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7

I sensed the Lord saying “comfort” three times: “Comfort My people Israel; comfort My Middle-Eastern Bride; comfort My battle-weary saints in all the earth.”

The dream of the huge eagle
The night after the attacks on Israel, I was given a short dream. I dreamt that I was in the Gaza Strip, and I was completely depleted and weak. There was nothing around me but rubble, and I was alone and destitute. I was so weak that I couldn’t help myself, but suddenly a huge, golden-brown eagle came down to me; it had a large wingspan and was bigger than a person. It landed right next to me, put its beak in my mouth, and began to feed me. The eagle was glorious and had the warmth and kindness of a mother. I sensed that the eagle was the Lord, and I believe God placed me in the dream to allow me to feel His heart and see what He was doing in the midst of great suffering. 

I dreamt this during the first night that the hostages spent in Gaza. I had a sense that in the dream I represented two specific people groups: the Jew, since I am Jewish, and the Church, since Christ has engrafted His Gentile Believers into the olive tree (Ephesians 2:15).

The Lord has come to strengthen many in Gaza and has not left their side; and though many have suffered and died, there have been unseen miracles in Gaza where the Lord has been coming to supernaturally feed and comfort the destitute. God is never absent, even when we can’t see Him, and each hostage who has been released and sustained has been delivered by nothing less than the mighty hand of the Lord. Many Arab believers and Gazan civilians are encountering the God who sees, and though we cannot see what God is doing, we know that He is faithful in the darkest places. He comes close to all who call out to Him, just as the eagle came to feed me in my dream, where I was destitute and alone. We will hear testimonies of God’s miraculous interventions, though some we may only hear about in Heaven.

The dream of the huge water bottle
A few weeks after the eagle dream, I had another similar dream. In my sleep, I saw a row of 16oz plastic water bottles. They were all the same, except for a giant water bottle. Written on this huge bottle was the word “Samson”. The huge bottle of “Samson water” was given to me by the hand of someone I could not see, and I began to talk about this water in my dream.

In both dreams, God was providing supernatural strength and sustenance, first through a giant eagle and then through a giant water bottle. Judges 15 gives the account of Samson defending himself against 1 000 Philistines who he killed with the jawbone of a donkey. After his supernatural, yet very physically-taxing victory, he was so depleted that he was about to die of dehydration in the desert. He desperately cried out to the Lord, who responded by supernaturally providing water for him, and when Samson drank, “his strength returned, and he was revived” (Judges 15:19). 

“Comfort My people Israel”
The nation of Israel, though strong like Samson, has been through an overwhelming hit, and may become seriously depleted through this demonically-inspired attack to the point where they will need a supernatural miracle to give them strength, both physically and psychologically. Just as Samson’s strength returned and he was revived after he cried out to God, we must partner with Heaven and pray for supernatural strength to revive Israel and encourage her spirit. Israel will need supernatural sustenance particularly near the end of this war.

Agree with Heaven for Israel:
• Pray for the Lord to provide supernatural strength in the desert and revive her as He did Samson. Don’t give up believing and praying, especially when Israel seems weak.
• Pray for the Lord to come as a mother eagle to feed and minister to the hostages who are still alive, and to comfort those in Israel who are in distress.
• Pray for the veil to be lifted from the eyes of His beloved Jewish people, that they would behold their Messiah.

“Comfort My Middle-Eastern bride”
God has not forgotten Ishmael. Genesis 16 tells the story of a destitute mother and child who fled into the desert because they were caught in a complicated family struggle. They found themselves all alone and distressed, and had been left to die from dehydration. As Hagar sobbed and the boy cried, the angel of the Lord appeared and told Hagar that God had heard the cry of the boy Ishmael, and God supernaturally provided water in the desert for them. God has not forgotten His Arab people, and He hears the cries of the innocent ones caught in war, just as He heard the cries of the boy Ishmael.

The God of comfort is at work in the Middle East, and we must partner with what God is doing. Agree with Heaven:
• Pray for those caught in the war in Gaza who are crying out in terror and deep need, and especially for the church in Gaza. 
• Ask the Lord to send angelic assistance to them, and to feed, comfort, and sustain them.
• Pray for scales to fall off seeking eyes, and for Jesus to be revealed.
• Thank God for what we know He is doing in Israel and Gaza, even in a time of great distress.

Peace Is God’s idea
Jesus broke down the wall of hostility between Jew and Gentile in His own body, creating one new man. He has become our peace, and His government is increasing even when darkness overreaches. We must pray for what God proclaims:

• Pray for the government of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, to increase in His people in the Middle East; pray for revival to come to masses, and for peace in Israel.
• Pray that the joy of the Lord would bring supernatural encouragement and break off the spirit of despair.
“… Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream. Then you shall feed; on her sides shall you be carried, and be dandled on her knees. As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; and you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.”— (Isaiah 66:12-13

“Comfort for My battle — weary saints around the World”
Many in the Body of Christ are exhausted and depleted after a long season of battle. Whatever the battle has been, the Lord has provided for you. In faith, receive the giant bottle of Samson water from the Lord. He is supernaturally feeding and strengthening you with His power and might so that you will have unusual endurance and patience to stay in the battle and not give up. What was once difficult for you will feel light and easy, and you will do things you didn’t think you could do as you experience a surge of strength that will cause you to soar.

He is breaking off the spirit of accusation and confusion that comes with weariness. Your mental sharpness is being restored and your physical body is coming into peaceful order – including sleep rhythms. Drink deep and be revived in your spirit, soul, and body. Remember that you are seated with Christ in the heavenly realms; you live in Him, the Prince of Peace!

Mandy Adendorff is a visual artist, author, prophet and founder of Firehouse Supernatural Schools. The trajectory of her life was dramatically altered when she had an encounter with Jeshua Messiah at the age of 15. Being an orthodox Jew, Mandy kept her faith a secret until receiving the courage to share her faith with her family. She has not stopped preaching and demonstrating the good news of the Kingdom at home and abroad for over 30 years. In 1998 Mandy, her husband Stuart and their two daughters immigrated from South Africa to Connecticut, USA, where they lead in business and ministry.

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