Experience, learn about land that Jesus called home through 360° virtual technology


Keshet Journeys, a tour company based in Israel has just launched a new virtual “tour leaders’ course” that enables people to experience the Holy Land while learning from international experts and scholars in Christianity, Hebraic roots and more, from the comfort of their own homes.

Utilising the latest 3D and 360 virtual technologies, the course presents a variety of content and virtual tours of the biblical and modern sites in Israel, explained, preached and reflected like never before by well-known international influencers and pastors, such as Nathaniel Buzzolic, Pastor Louie Giglio, Pastors Todd and Julie Mullins, Mark Varughese, and Glyn Barrett.

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“‘This is a great opportunity for leaders and people to develop and learn more about the Holy Land in a deeper way. We see the impact of our tours on people’s lives and how much it strengthens them in their walk of faith. The Holy Land is, in our perspective, the best educational tool to teach the Bible. The online course combines teachings of top-level Israeli educators and experts, virtual tours to biblical sites with our best tour guides, and input from pastors from around the world who love to tour the Land,” says Moshe Gabay, host and moderator of the course.

Before the pandemic, Israel broke records for the number of incoming tourists, and was expecting to double its visits within the next few years. A shortage of of Christian or Messianic tour guides was becoming a problem, as Christian groups were asking for believers (Christian or Messianic) to lead their tours. Someone on the same spiritual level or at least understanding.

This growing demand inspired Keshet Journeys to develop this new programme, which gives guides the tools to lead a group through Israel. The course combines equipping people with the knowledge to guide a tour and the ability to provide a spiritual message in the context of the Bible.

The interactive content of the programme consists of over 30 live broadcast webinars on a weekly basis and on-demand teaching videos, Biblical messages are provided on over 50 sites in Israel, and more.

Upon completion of the course, the user will be able to lead tours for Keshet Journeys or any other tour operator or travel agent. The course combines different fields of expertise, thus offering a far broader approach than traditional seminary training.

The local educators in the curriculum are considered to be leading experts in their respective fields. Seasoned and skilled in the Land of the Bible, they are able to share unparalleled information and perspectives. In addition, leading pastors provide spiritual input and insights, bridging the past, the present, and the future

“Coming to Israel changed my life, I learned so much about this small area with endless history. My faith grew and helped me to get a deeper understanding in the Word of God. However, it is not easy to accumulate so much information in just a few days of trip in Israel, people need weeks to get to know and familiarise themselves with it. This course immerses you into a deeper understanding of the Bible in a 360 experience, which means you will be basically on the site where the events you are reading about happened. Now is the time to bring the message to others, today is the day to engage more people for Him,” says Christian influencer and teacher on the virtual programme of Caesarea Philippi, Nathaniel Buzolic @natebuzz

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The course is a unique opportunity to gain tremendous knowledge of the homeland of Jesus from the comfort of your own home. Pastors, leaders, and anyone who would like to lead tours to Israel or wants to learn about the Land of the Bible are invited to take part in this mission. You can register for the course at this link — and until June 14 you can use this code ( ITL20-GatewayNews ) to qualify for a 20% discount. You can request more information at this link: https://israeltourleader.com/contact/

While the first limited amount of vaccinated tourists traveling in groups arrived last week, further easing of regulations will follow. Due to the fast vaccine rollout, infection rates in Israel have dropped drastically. We hope to welcome you in the Land that Jesus called home soon.

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