‘Explosion of the miraculous’: Thousands hit streets in Florida where souls were ‘running to get saved’

(PHOTO: YouTube Screenshot/Let Us Worship).

By Andrea Morris — Originally published in CBN News

Huge crowds of Christians and people hungry for the gospel gathered in several cities across Florida over the past few days to stand together and proclaim the name of Jesus.

The Let Us Worship tour led by praise leader Sean Feucht came to Lake Eola Park in Orlando on Saturday. Despite the rainy weather, thousands of worshippers poured their hearts out as they sang, danced, and repented of their sins.

“Last night drug addicts and prostitutes off the streets were running to the altar to get saved!! The harder it rained, the more God kept pouring His Spirit out!!” Feucht wrote on Instagram.

Then Feucht and his band headed to West Palm Beach where thousands more came out to worship at the Meyer Amphitheater.

In a video, Feucht explained that the city had blocked off the stage so the event was assembled on the ground, where more hearts were healed by the word of God.

“We’re all so undone by the explosion of the miraculous we experienced! Bodies healed, marriages restored, salvations, baptisms, and FIRE!!! I’ll never forget it!” Feucht wrote.

Carlos Ascensio told WPEC-TV that the revival events are bringing peace to a brokenhearted world.

“Taken into consideration what we’re going through and bringing people from different races and ethnicity together, in unison, is fantastic,” he said.

Feucht has travelled across the country to worship and witness miracles in 11 cities over 10 days.

“Every night I ask the Lord while testimonies pour in ‘Can this get any better?’ and then it just KEEPS GETTING BETTER! The resistance, sacrifice, weariness are all NOTHING compared when He shows up and saves, heals, and lights our hearts on Fire!”

And Feucht has released a full concert film that highlights his worship event in Sacramento, California, on September 6 where over 12 000 people came to “release a new sound over the state.”

That event was packed with prayer and Spirit-filled praise for Jesus as people “from every denomination, background, ethnicity, and tribe” came to worship. “Only heaven knows the full weight of what was accomplished together,” Feucht wrote on Instagram.

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