Faith-based movies releasing in early 2020

Screenshot from ‘Messiah’ trailer.

With the secular humanist, individualistic and pluralistic New World Order agenda being pushed ever more vigorously in Hollywood releases, it is comforting to know that there are still some good, wholesome films that Christians can enjoy with their families.

More than this is that there are some notable faith-based movies being released. 2019 was a good year as far as Christian movies are concerned. We witnessed films like Breakthrough and Overcomer getting into the Top 5 as well as Unplanned causing ripples and sparking mainstream controversy.2020 promises to be another significant year for faith-based films.

Here are three Christian releases we’re anticipating early in 2020:

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January 2020: ‘Messiah’ (to be released 1 January 2020)
This Netflix original series is set in modern times and tells the story of a man who performs miracles and gains a following and global attention. The trailer confronts the mind with a provocative question: What would happen if the Messiah lived as a man among us in our time? The plot will only be revealed when Netflix runs the series but the press release indicates that a CIA officer investigates this “Messiah” to determine if he is indeed divine or deceptive. What makes it really exciting is that Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, who made the well-done The Bible series and Ben Hur (2016) are executive producers. This release is, however, not without controversy, with reports of some Netflix subscribers threatening to cancel their subscriptions because they perceive the series premise as disrespectful.

March 2020: ‘I still believe’
This film tells the true-life story of Christian musician Jeremy Camp who fell in love with the then-Melissa Lynn Henning. He married her knowing she had ovarian cancer and wrote his famous song I still believe shortly after Melissa died. This production comes from the filmmaking stable of Jon and Andy Erwin who previously produced Woodlawn and I can only imagine. The film features pristine talent with K.J Apa starring as Jeremy Camp and Britt Robertson as Melissa Camp. This is a faith-based romantic film with crossover appeal. This film is not churchy but still remains true to the Christian worldview. This is really one for the true romantics at heart. A bit of trivia about Camp is that his now wife Adrienne is originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Easter weekend 2020: ‘XL The temptation of Christ’
This film explores the narrative around the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert where He was subjected to temptation by the enemy. The plot of the movie also reveals the truth of Jesus Christ as the Logos and exposes the devil as the father of lies. This film reinforces the faith of the believer amidst the inevitable temptations and challenges we face in this world. XL The temptation of Christ is an independent film made by Christians and directed by Douglas James Vail. According to the press release it is scheduled to have a limited theatrical release around Easter 2020 and it is thereafter scheduled to move to home digital platforms.


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