First Mighty Crusade unites worshippers in Vaal Triangle

Pastor Karabo Molefe ushers Angus Buchan at the Gauteng Mighty Crusade shortly after his arrival.

God is no respecter of persons, He will use any person who puts up their hands. This is a time for ordinary people to do God’s will on earth in South Africa, according to evangelist Angus Buchan speaking at the Gauteng Mighty Crusade, which took place November 15 to 18 on a small-holding near De Deur, which is home to the Gospel Fire Family Church of Prophet TA Ralekholela.

The Gauteng Mighty Crusade was the first Mighty Men Conference (MMC) related event organised specifically for the ease of attendance of township residents and aimed not only at promoting reconciliation with our Holy Father, but reconciliation among South Africans to unite the body of Christ in the country.

Besides Uncle Angus who spoke on November 18, the speakers included Archbishop Daniel Makutsoane from Lesotho on November 15, evangelist John Lowson from Scotland on November 16, and Dr Arno Van Niekerk from Bloemfontein and Apostle Mangaliso Matshobane from the Eastern Cape on November 17.

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About 15 000 people attended the gathering over the four days, which chairman of the Mighty Crusade, Pastor Karabo Molefe, who leads the Bethel Christian Centre in Sebokeng, says it is a gratifying start to more Mighty Crusades in close proximity of other township regions in South Africa.

Pastor Molefe, who has a calling to promote reconciliation in South Africa, has had it on his heart to create opportunities for the MMC movement founder Angus Buchan to speak at events organised in close proximity to township communities.

Gauteng Mighty Crusade only the beginning
He says the meeting in the Soweto-Sebokeng-Vereeniging region of Gauteng was only the beginning, as South Africa needs gatherings at which members of the body of Christ, irrespective of differences in denomination, culture, race, class, gender and age come together humbly as children of God to worship the Lord.

“We need to create opportunities for believers to unite in spirit and in truth in Christ, as much of what divides us is false perceptions that are a result of a lack of communication and opportunities to relate to each other and celebrate our shared identity in Christ.

“Our identity in Christ comes from the Spirit, which defined us before we were born and will continue to do so after we die to these bodies of different skin colours,” says the Sebokeng Bethel Christian Centre Pastor.

The Saturday-afternoon-Gauteng-Mighty-Crusade crowd took Baba Angus enthusiastically to heart with ululating, clapping and Amens joining to create a joyful noise unto the Lord as the evangelist indicated to his Bible and said: “This book will save South Africa”.

“When the Prince of Peace is installed in this country, we will see peace. Jesus Christ is the peacemaker. He saved me and He saved you.”

“Amen,” responded the crowd enthusiastically!

Uncle Angus exclaimed: “But God” and directed the gathering to Luke 1:31-37, which tells of the angel Gabriel informing Mary that she would give birth to Jesus even though she was a virgin.

“For with God nothing will be impossible.

“Amen,” exclaimed Baba Angus, and the crowd responded, “Amen”!

“But God,” said the farmer evangelist.

“The biggest sin in the Bible is not murder, it’s not theft, it’s not hatred; the biggest sin in the Bible is unbelief.

“That is the only time that you tie God’s hands — through unbelief.”

God of the impossible
He then directed all present to Genesis 18:10-15, which tells of Abraham being visited by the Lord who told him that his wife Sarah would have a son. When Sarah heard she laughed because she was passed the age of childbearing.

And the Lord said to Abraham, ‘Why did Sarah laugh saying, ‘Shall I surely bear a child, since I am old?’ Is anything too hard for the Lord? At the appointed time I will return to you, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son. (Genesis 18:13-14)

“But God,” said Uncle Angus, and the crowd responded “But God”!

“There is nothing that is too hard for God, Amen!”

And the crowd responded, “Amen”, with ululating, clapping and whistling.

“But God,” said Uncle Angus

“But God,” answered the crowd.

Even if the facts of the situation are hopeless, the truth of the situation is that the Lord God Almighty is able to resolve any situation if we pray to Him in faith in Jesus Christ’s name and submit to His will being done.

However, the man with faith like potatoes said our prayers must be in faith and without doubt; they should not waver like waves (James 1:6).

Our prayers, like our faith, must be steadfast in the belief that their outcome is a foregone conclusion. We should thank the Lord for providing the conditions of our prayers in the spirit to materialise.

“You see, God knows the heart of a man or a woman who is operating in faith.

“You see, God does not answer a prayer … He answers a prayer of faith,” said Uncle Angus.

Women dancing with the joy of the Lord.

Our hope is in God alone
He said we have to stop looking to people who don’t know Jesus Christ to give us hope. Our hope, our trust, our faith is in God alone.

“Some people here, today, say you love Jesus, but by your actions you deny Him.

”There are some young men and women, who are saying, ‘I will never pass matric’.

“But God! You see God is not interested in your ability, He wants your availability. He wants your belief, your trust and faith in Him.

“But God!

“There is nothing too hard for God. All you have to do is ask Him and believe. Good people don’t go to heaven, believers go to heaven,” said Uncle Angus to thunderous applause, ululating and whistling.

He said anything is possible for those who believe. God’s people are believers, people of faith.

Uncle Angus then prayed with all present for the Lord to forgive our hearts of unbelief: “Please forgive me. I promise from this day forward that I will never ever listen to the lies of the devil. I will believe Your Word and Your Word alone. I will obey Your instructions and Yours alone. Thank You for dying for me, a sinner, on the cross of Calvary and because You live I can face tomorrow. Amen!”

And the crowd thundered Amen three times in response to Baba Angus!

It was evident that the assembled worshippers appreciated the farmer-evangelist’s ability to give his message in both English and Zulu, just as they enjoyed his sense of humour and straightforward talk — telling it as the Bible says it, without compromise.

Uncle Angus says he was brought to tears by the Gauteng Mighty Crusade experience.

“When I heard the ululating as I walked into the gathering it was unbelievable and the crowd’s response to the Gospel was amazing. It was a special day. People were so open, so humble and so hungry for the truth … and it is the truth that sets us free.”

Mighty Crusades can encourage reconciliation and unity
The man with faith like potatoes is adamant that township-based meetings such as the Gauteng Mighty Crusade that provide easy access for township residents to attend and also draw white worshippers can encourage reconciliation in South Africa through promoting unity in the body of Christ.

“I believe this is the way we should go forward. The gratitude that I experienced at the Mighty Crusade was very humbling for me. I was blessed by people’s humility and love.

“I have never seen a crowd so responsive. I think there is great opportunity for more Mighty Crusades to take place in the country.”

Prophet TA Ralekholela, whose Gospel Fire Family Church hosted the Gauteng Mighty Crusade, affirmed Uncle Angus’ experience of the event: “Words cannot really explain what we experienced. To us, the event impacted both the spiritual and physical realms”.

“We are amazed by the manner in which people have been commenting and talking about the event.

“I have been involved in church conferences and gatherings for 30 years, but the Gauteng Mighty Crusade was a whole new dimension. I believe it introduced people to a new move of the Holy Spirit.

“I see this as a new wave that God is using to break barriers, give people a new experience of His Spirit, and bring revival to all citizens of South Africa.

“We need to embrace this, because we have been praying for it in this country for so many years.”

Angus Buchan on stage with Prophet TA Ralekholela before the meeting.

Desire to host Mighty Crusades near other townships
Prophet Ralekholela said it was his heart’s desire to see Mighty Crusades extended to other townships in South Africa.

“I believe the open heavens that we experienced here should be experienced by as many people as possible throughout the country.

“We have had positive feedback from far afield even from those who were not at the gathering and people are already saying they are looking forward to another Mighty Crusade, which is highly satisfying and a positive start,” says Ralekholela.

He earnestly believes that township based Mighty Crusades can promote the unfinished process of reconciliation in South Africa.

“The Gauteng Mighty Crusade not only attracted believers from different churches and denominations, but people from different political parties and races, all worshipping together under one roof

“When the people were gathered together they forgot about where they came from and united in a spirit of worship. I believe the Mighty Crusade can be a very powerful platform for South Africans to be reconciled as children of God and members of the body of Christ.

“The emphasis that I observed at the Gauteng Mighty Crusade was one of repentance before God, which is extremely powerful, because it signifies a change of heart that will extend to a change in the material circumstances and reconciliation in the world.

“A change of heart, inner change, is necessary before our outer efforts for change will bear fruit,” says Prophet Ralekholela.

Enthusiastic responses to the Mighty Crusade
Despite the many organisational challenges in the lead-up to the event, chairman of the Gauteng Mighty Crusade, Pastor Karabo Molefe, is equally enthusiastic about its outcome.

“The four-day gathering confirmed to me that God is leading us into a condition in which we will forget about the names of our churches and our backgrounds. People are hungry for something that will bring repentance and genuine reconciliation.

“Even though this was the first time that Baba Angus visited this area, his presence as the father of the MMC movement sharing the platform with Prophet Ralekholela has helped break down walls of division that have been hindering unity in the lives of the people in this area.

“You must remember that were there is division and separation it is not easy for people’s hearts to melt before the presence of God, but the coming of Baba Angus to this area has broken down many of the walls that divided people, because he came to the black people with a spirit of love and a message of hope in troubled times in our nation.

“I saw political leaders from different political parties fellowshipping under one roof, which tells me everyman is aware that we all need Jesus to be the head of our affairs individually, in our families and in our nation.

“I believe many more white people will attend the next Mighty Crusade, because when the Holy Spirit is in control we forget about white and black. Our common interest is to seek God, which brings us together in a spirit of unity in Jesus Christ that will bear the fruit of reconciliation.

“I can tell you that every night of the Gauteng Mighty Crusade I saw people in tears giving their lives to Jesus. Souls were ushered into the Kingdom of God throughout the four-day event, which is an answer to prayer,” says Pastor Molefe.

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