Flood havoc prompts call on Soweto churches to unite in providing disaster, social relief

Torrential rain last Saturday triggered flooding in Soweto which left three people dead and scores of people destitute.

It is time for the churches in Soweto to do more to assist people in the aftermath of disasters like the recent floods and in other social challenges, says the president of the Soweto Minister’s Fraternal, Pastor Sipho Mahlangu, in a media statement.

Noting that three people died and scores were left destitute by the floods, he laments that “our church” is in a state of “near paralysis” in its response to the many social challenges facing people — and calls on Soweto churches to work together to tackle community problems and disasters rather than simply sending condolences and waiting for the government or God to intervene.

Responding to questions from Gateway News, Pastor Mhlangu said: “Families are discovering their homes have been completely destroyed by the flooding and their belongings are damaged. Health conditions of many, especially old people, are very bad. Children are left heartbroken to see that their school bags etc. have been washed away.”

He said the fraternal, whose motto is “working collectively to serve our communities”, has responded by approaching Soweto citizens, local businesses and churches to help in relief efforts and that anybody who wants to help by donating clothes, furniture, non-perishable food and more to identified flood victims, can deliver items to the Soweto Ministers Fraternal office at UAFC HOPE to You at 598 Ncwana Street in Dube Village, Soweto or they can contact him directly on 079 192 1975.

In future the Soweto Ministers Fraternal will establish a donation bank for relief action within community, Mahlangu said.

Read his full media statement here.


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