Use right to comment on same-sex marriage bill, urges FOR SA

Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) strongly encourages South Africans to use their democratic right to make a written submission to parliament on the Civil Union Amendment Bill, which compels state marriage officers to solemnise same-sex weddings regardless of their religious convictions.

Written submissions on the revised bill — which can be viewed by clicking here and following the path: Civil Union Amendment Bill » Revised Civil Union Amendment Bill 2018 — must be received by Tuesday October 23, says FOR SA in an alert.

Submissions can be emailed to A pro forma submission, prepared to help with commenting, can be downloaded from the FOR SA website.

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If it becomes law, the bill will have serious repercussions on state-employees’ right to religious freedom and will set a very dangerous precedent for further erosion of our religious rights and freedoms, says FOR SA.

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