Gaga concerts bad for morals but provided outreach opportunities

[notice]A fortnightly column by Elfrieda Fleischman, Concerned Young People in SA (CYPSA). Also see report by Taryn Hodgson of Africa Christian Action.[/notice]

Members of the Young Concerned Community united with other opposing groups to hand out pamphlets at Lady Gaga’s shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The pamphlets handed out at Johannesburg included one about lady Gaga from the Concerned Young People website and an All Nations tract, entitled “The Two Roads”. The pamphlets were given to people and were put on windscreens of as many cars as possible. Some, after reading the pamphlets, decided not to enter the show. Others sat on the grass and discussed the pamphlets. It was subsequently reported on Radio Sonder Grense that a certain Group called  “Two Roads”  had taken a stand against Lady Gaga and maintained that she is a satanist.

Some of the people who teamed up to hand out pamphlets to Lady Gaga fans at the FNB Stadium, Johannesburg on Friday, November 30.

The first 250 people to enter the stadium were given the opportunity of standing in the Monster Pit, which is an exclusive section right in front of the stage. According to reports that reached us, some “priests” started to drink what appeared to be blood, as Lady Gaga sang.  Young people attending the concert wore pink hair and were scantily dressed. Some Little Monsters came dressed as Lady Gaga while others followed her trademark ‘spirit of being different’ by wearing outlandish outfits. For example, one man dressed up in a biltong dress and wore high heels. Some people sold satanic horns to concertgoers. The SA National Editor’s Forum slammed a ban on press photography at Gaga’s concerts and said that the decision by the organisers to make available only selected publicity photographs was a form of media censorship, and was in conflict with the country’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the press.

We received the following feedback on the impact of our activities: “I spoke to a young man yesterday who is friends with one of the stage men for Gaga. Apparently there were four scenes that she cut from the concert, one of which is where a large cross appears on the stage and falls down spraying blood everywhere.”

While the objective of our outreaches was to prevent Gaga from polluting our country and our young people, we see the change in her programme as a major victory. We are thankful for the impact that was made during these outreaches.

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