Get connected to the awesome Godly Revolution relaunch stream on Friday!!!

Gerdie de Villiers and Liesche Pieterse getting ready for the youth worship slot –one of the highlights of Godly Revolution which is happening from 5.30pm to 9.30pm on Friday June 17

Tickets are sold out for the live relaunch on Friday of South Africa’s legendry praise, worship and youth leadership fest, Godly Revolution, but you can still connect via live streaming.

Churches, youth groups, schools and home groups can purchase a live screen link for R1 000 by clicking on this link and selecting the live screen link option. More info about Godly Revolution 2022 is available on the website: and on Facebook.

Some of the team members who have been working hard behind the scenes to make things happen for the live stream and sound, stage and lights during the Godly Revolution event. They are, front, Erich Posthumus; middle, from the left, Jaundre Stolts, DJ Maeztro – artist, Kirsten Willemse, Choose Life Church and Eon de Bruyn, live stream tech manager; back, from the left, Jaun Hugo, artist/ advisor, Mignon Reddeker, head of sound / tech, and Grant Boswell, head of visual & communications tech

Featuring the best of the best Christian bands and artists, Godly Revolution kicks off at 5.30pm on Friday on a mission to uplift youth and bring them hope and deep worship after two challenging years of Covid hardships.

Godly Revolution was the biggest Christian youth event between 2002 and 2010, with about 10 000 youth gathered per event for 8 years in a row at Gallagher Estate (Midrand) and Heartfelt Arena. While Covid has imposed a limit on the number of people who can attend the live relaunch event at Choose Life Church, Moreleta Park, live streaming creates the opportunity for youth across SA to be part of this amazing occasion.

The Godly Revolution team encourages all youth groups to learn the moves of “the church clap” as this will be the opening act at Godly Revolution. You can learn the moves from the video below from the @Metamorpho team. This song is going to be a RIOT!! Learn the moves whether you are at the event or connected via live stream.

Eric Posthumus of Good News Factory says that hosts of the live streaming experience will be able to give young people an as-close-to-a-live experience as possible. “So when we have an altar call at the live event, we want you to pray for your young people at the same time. We will help live stream event organisers to do that by getting everybody onto a WhatsApp group to discuss the event.”

Live stream hosts can run the event as a team builder or as a fund raiser with ticket sales.

Artists and bands featured in Godly Revolution 2022 include Metanoya, Straatlig kinders, Revelation Enterprises, C Jay, Delano Jooste, Kingdmusic and DJ Maestro.

There is also a competition prize of R1 500 up for grabs. To enter the competition make a karaoke video with your group, using the song from the video below. Then load your video on your instagram account with the tag @godlyrevolution2022. Use the following tags so that we can find you: #godlyrevolution, #youth #fun #excited #competition #carpool #family #music #event #kykie #lekke #pretoria #gauteng 🥳🎶

Use this song in your video!

In addition to the main live worship event, there will be a free, youth pastors and youth workers investment session/workshop from 4pm to 5pm on Friday at Choose Life Church. If you are 18 or over and are a youth pastor, youth dominee, evangelist, leader or youth worker, come and be refreshed and network with other leaders. You can register for free at this link:

Upon completion of the youth leaders workshop each leader will receive a gift bag with Godly Revolution merchandise and a certificate

The relaunch is an initiative of Radio Pulpit, I Am Youth and Good News Factory.

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