Giving a ‘voice to the voiceless’ for ‘truth to come out!’

Andre Bekker — calling on ex-gays to join group.

André Bekker, who heads up New Living Way Ministry is calling on former homosexuals in South Africa to join an advocacy group called “Voice of the Voiceless, South African Ex-Gays” which he plans to launch in early October.

Bekker, a former homosexual himself, says the most important voice in the gay debate — that of ex-gays — has not been properly heard and that he is on a mission to find as many members of this group as possible to be part of planned future initiatives.

He urges ex-gays to contact him via WhatsApp at +27 71 326 8034 and to join a Facebook group, Voice of the Voiceless, which he started in order to link ex-gays online.

He has kick-started his call to ex-gays with the following message which he has sent out via WhatsApp:

TIME FOR AN IMPORTANT VOICE: Dear friends, the most important voice has not been properly heard in the gay debate: that of the ex-gays. We are a growing group in South Africa that has now waited long enough to speak out. It is time that we make our existence loud and clear because there is a missing link in the debate. We want to bring, in unity, important perspective to the general public. We are the people freed from homosexuality and there are many of us. More of the formerly homosexual persons, or otherwise known as Ex-gays, must be identified urgently so that we can stand together. I therefore hereby take the initiative to discover ex-gays and to bring us together online. The Facebook group, Voice of the Voiceless, has been established for this purpose. I need everyone’s help to let me know of ex-gay persons so that I can make contact with them. You can just send me, Andre Bekker, their detail via WhatsApp (0713268034). Thank you. It’s time for the truth to come out!

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