Global Christian film festival launched in SA aims to promote Gospel culture

A total of 190 films from 19 countries (and five continents) have been entered into a unique, global, Christian film festival that was launched in Cape Town last year.

A panel of local and international judges is currently evaluating the films submitted to the Second Annual Transforming Stories International Christian Film Festival (TSICFF) whose aim is to inspire Christian leaders around the world to make use of films to evangelize, teach and transform their communities.

In SA cinemas in October

Winners in each of five festival categories (feature films, documentary films, short films, short-short films and music videos) will be announced next week. The top 12 films in each category will be showcased over a week in selected cinemas throughout South Africa in October and thereafter they will be screened in countries around the world.

The festival got off to a flying start last year when it was launched in Cape Town at the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization which was attended by more than  4 500 International Christian leaders from over 200 countries. One hundred and eight films were entered in the inaugural festival.

In a media statement the TSICFF says:”The power of media is evident in this day and age, and movies have been a huge part of shaping the culture as we know it. Behind Transforming Stories International Christian Film Festival 2011 is a greater vision to transform cultures through storytelling and inspire people to make use of films in sharing the Gospel to all mankind. No longer will we as followers of Christ allow our world to be poisoned with profanity by media elites. Instead, we are encouraging revolutionaries out there to produce stories which can transform our culture into one that will be in line with The Kingdom of God (Yahweh), one of Justice, Peace, Righteousness and Love.”

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