‘God gave me a second chance to preach the Good News’ — TESTIMONY

Victor Mbuli’s journey in pictures: from life-threatening car accident, to hospital. and back to the pulpit.

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I Victor Sphiwe Mbuli, a priest in the Anglican Church, Diocese of Zululand, saw God’s grace at work on the 31st January this year.

I was driving from a certain place in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, where I had been invited to preach in our of the churches there. It was during the midnight hours and I was a bit tired. I dropped off my driver at his home and drove back home alone.

There the devil awaited me to end my life. It was raining and the last thing I remember, the car was out of my control and went down a ditch and collided and crushed there with me inside.

My fear was that it would explode and I prayed that the seat belt could be easily released, and I tried to release it using my left hand. But my hand didn’t respond. Then I used my right hand and it was released.

The last thing I remember, I tried to open the door, but the doors were locked and crushed. Only God can tell how I got out of the car, but I can say that miraculously His hand took me out.

I tried to climb up to the road because no one could have seen me down there unless they had seen the car going down. As I took the first step, I realised that my left foot was damaged — both ankles were fractured. I then limped up to the road and I lay down there.

As I was lying down there, I realised that I was bleeding severely from my left elbow and I had to do something, since I did not know when I would find help.

Victor in hospital with a visitor.

I crawled down to the car and found my belt outside and tied myself above my elbow to reduce the bleeding. It was difficult but with God’s help I did it.

I tried to look for my cell phone as I was standing outside the window. But I found nothing. I prayed for further strength to crawl up to the road again, because unless I went up to the road, I would have died. I was short of breath by then, but I crawled up and lay down again.

A car passed by and didn’t stop. Another one passed and didn’t stop. For more than an hour I was lying on the side of the road, helpless. I prayed to God to bring me someone who would help because I would not have made it till the morning in that condition.

I then saw a light coming and I prayed for a strength to wave my hand. A car passed by and then it stopped 50 meters away and reversed. When I saw it, I started crying, seeing the grace of God — it was an ambulance, out of the blue.

Nobody called them [the ambulance] — they were just passing by and saw the blood on my body and stopped. I was rushed to hospital where they discovered that I was critically injured and transferred me to another hospital and I was admitted to the ICU ward.

On the road to recovery.

I was in the hospital for six weeks, I couldn’t walk or move my left hand, but I can say I was miraculously saved by God and I saw the ministry of angels at work during that night of the accident.Praise be to God who gave me a second chance to preach the Good News. I can walk, now though my nerve were damaged. They are still dealing with it but I am alive!

May God bless everyone who suffers because of the Gospel. The devil thought it was over, but God is always in control.

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