God healed her heart before heart surgery

Originally published in God Reports

Lisa Hartman had successful ablation surgery 17 years ago for a distressing heart arrhythmia known as supraventricular tachycardia (SVT).

SVT is an abnormally fast heart rhythm stemming from improper electrical activity in the upper part of the heart.

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But recently she was surprised when her cardiologist informed her the condition had returned to a degree that was serious and she would need ablation surgery once again.

“I had two good specialists and they could see on multiple tests I had grown bad electrical pathways,” Hartman explained.

Before she and her husband Matt went on a mission trip to Oaxaca they asked for prayer and a woman named Paula Davis prayed for her. Davis had no knowledge of Lisa’s heart condition.

Lisa was stunned when Davis started praying about their mission trip, then shifted her focus abruptly: “Do you have a problem with the electrical part of your heart?” Davis asked.

“I do, as a matter of fact.”

“I saw Jesus rewiring your whole heart,” Davis told her.

“Whoa…okay Paula, I’m going in for a procedure so I’m taking that with me.”

When Lisa returned from Oaxaca she had her procedure on November 25 2019 at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California. The surgery lasted three hours.

Afterward, Dr Jay Tionsong a cardiac electrophysiologist in charge of the procedure, went in to meet with Lisa’s husband in the waiting area.

The doctor stared somewhat blankly toward the wall as he delivered remarkable news. “I have to say your wife’s heart is strong and healthy, one of the healthiest hearts I’ve ever seen,” he told Matt.


Then the doctor looked at Matt, the first time he made eye contact. “I didn’t have to do anything!” he declared.

“Are you saying this was a miracle?”

The doctor paused for a moment and said, “Yes.”

When he met with Lisa, she asked: “Did Jesus heal me?

“Yes,” he replied.

During the three-hour procedure, the doctor went through the heart and mapped all the signaling, Matt explained. “If they find two pathways that are trying to do the same thing they burn one of them, so the signal has just one pathway and is not confused.

“The nurse said if someone came in off the street and they mapped their heart, they would find something. Everybody has some slight SVT. But they couldn’t find even one bad pathway in Lisa’s heart!” Matt exclaimed.

Two weeks after the surgery, Lisa and Matt went for a follow-up visit with Dr Tiongson. When they walked in they noticed he seemed to have his game face on. Lisa told him about the prayers she received before the surgery.

Then she affirmed God’s miraculous and integrative approach to medicine, using doctors in the healing process. “God loves partnering with you in doing these surgeries,” she told the surprised physician. “He is really proud of you and loves you so much,” she told him.

Then the science-minded doctor jumped up and wrapped his arms around Lisa, giving her a long hug.

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“I can’t take credit for this; I didn’t do anything,” he said quietly.

“No, you do, because you work with God and you trust Him and you give Him credit. He loves working with you.”

The doctor turned and hugged Matt the same way.

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