‘God’s moving in America’: over 35 000 lift up Jesus in ‘Let Us Worship’ rally on National Mall in DC

Tens of thousands of Christians gathered in the US capital on Sunday, Oct. 25 for the “Let Us Worship” rally (Photo: Paul Strand/CBN News)

Originally published in CBN News

The National Mall in Washington DC was overflowing with love for the Lord Sunday night during the “Let Us Worship” tour led by praise leader Sean Feucht.

More than 35 000 people gathered on the iconic grassy lawn to pray for a spiritual awakening and that hearts will turn toward Jesus Christ. The event opened with Feucht thanking all the attendees for coming out during the cold, rainy weather to lift up America during these challenging times.  

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A sea of worshippers sang and danced while some held signs and flags that read “Jesus 2020” and “Jesus Matters.”

Several special guests appeared during the worship event to celebrate this powerful move of God.  

Shortly after voting to advance the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Sen Josh Hawley (R-MO) took the stage to pray for God’s Spirit to spread across the high court, across America, and for people to know the love of Jesus.

“America needs that love,” Hawley said. “They need to feel the love of Jesus Christ. They need that hope and joy that we have.”

The senator prayed for Barrett, then acknowledged her fearlessness while facing those who oppose her deep faith and pro-life beliefs.  

“Tomorrow night is the final vote on the floor of the United States Senate to confirm a justice who is not ashamed to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,” he declared. “She’s not ashamed to say that every life has dignity, that every life is worth saving. She’s not afraid to say that abortion is wrong and that every child in America has the right to life.”

Pastor Jentezen Franklin asked the crowd to have strength and courage during these trying times and to “send up the praise, the shouts, and give Him glory.”

Franklin wrote on Twitter, “Not ashamed to say I was moved deeply by this experience. The worship, the amazing body of Christ by the thousands standing and praying for our nation.”

Dr Charles Karuku with International Outreach Church prayed for our nation, which has been torn by racial riots and discrimination, to unite and “let the healing begin!” 

Even Feucht’s young daughter stood before the massive crowd to pray for an awakening and that the cross will make a way for everyone.

“I just feeling everyone glowing. You’re so good, You’re amazing,” she prayed.

Feucht addressed the intimidation that’s been directed at Christians, especially with regards to gathering during a pandemic, but he urged the audience not to stop worshipping.

“We’re not going to stop praising,” he declared. “Raise up a worship movement that is full of courage and not ashamed. Jesus is here to recharge your life.” 

Feucht and his team have faced opposition from some people who disagree with him holding these worship events that are drawing thousands.

But, not even the wicked ways of the devil could silence Dr. Karuku and his unwavering faith after a Satanist threw blood all over him during the event. 

“Devil mad. WITCHES ARE RATTLED. THEIR POWER IS BROKEN,” he wrote on Facebook. “I’m gonna keep the blood-stained clothes as a badge of honor for Jesus! Pleading the blood of Jesus. This movement is unstoppable.”

Feucht told the crowd we will overcome this painful and problematic season because “God’s moving in America.”

“We’ve been in a season of pain, discord, violence, and fear, but Jesus is reminding us that He died on the cross so we can live fully…even in the middle of a pandemic,” he added. “We’re going to leave this field as the happiest group of Christians because of His glory. Wake up church, come alive and arise. The glory of the Lord arises on you.”

The 4-hour event concluded with Feucht singing “Our God Reigns” and encouraging all the new believers to stay after the event to get baptised.

“We lit up the sky tonight in DC for King of Kings and the Lord of all Lords! I’m forever changed. I hope you are too,” he wrote on Twitter.

Let Us Worship announced that on New Year’s Eve, it will hold a rally at the site of the 1906 Azusa Street Revival where a historic Pentecostal revival meeting took place in Los Angeles, California.

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