Great live album with BIG worship sound

Music Review by Shelley Wasserman

TRUE WORSHIPPERS – Glory to Glory – Live Recording

‘True Worshippers’ is a praise and worship team of the Jakarta Praise Community Church in Indonesia. Glory to Glory is their 12th and latest album.  It was recorded live 17th March, 2010  in the biggest indoor stadium in Indonesia, attracting more than 8 000 worshippers.

The heart behind this album is that God has promised His children that if we believe and have faith in Him to do a work in us, He will change us from glory to glory.

The CD has 11 tracks and the DVD has 4 music videos. This live album is really good.  From the very first track, which is an opening piece with no vocals and mainly driven by amazing drums, you feel like you are there. The opening piece, though not very long, is very powerful on the DVD. The music played is giving voice to the many declaring scriptures up on the big screen at that time.

The songs are written by the many talented writers on their team.  These new and fresh songs are currently being used in churches worldwide to worship God.  Sidney Mohede leads the team well. There are a number of them singing most of the time for the high praise songs and while that would not work with just any team it works well for them.

They really have gone big with their worship and it shows in every area, from the wide variety of instruments used to the many voices on vocals.  The sound is really good and the whole project in general is extremely professional.

The songs flow from one song to the other making it a wonderful CD to use for one’s own personal worship times at home. The songs can also very easily be used within any church worship context.

I enjoyed watching the 4 music videos on the DVD and seeing the hearts of the people passionately worshipping God, tears pouring down their faces as they encounter  Him…After all, that is what a worship CD/DVD is all about.

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