Great need for Christian newspapers – Errol Naidoo

Errol Naidoo in Port Elizabeth today, with his wife Arlene, and PE friend and hostess, Suzanne Bundy.

There is a huge need for newspapers that publish news from a Christian perspective, said outspoken Christian values lobbyist, Errol Naidoo, in an interview in Port Elizabeth today.

During a short preaching visit to PE, Errol, who is president of the Family Policy Insitute (FPI), said that the online Christian news portal, Gateway News, which was launched last Monday, could fill a great need in a society in which many people were becoming fed up with sensationalism, negativity and anti-Christian values in many secular newspapers. He said more and more South Africans were looking for news online but that there was a shortage of relevant news from a Christian perspective.

“If you can provide solid local, national and international news from a Chrisitan perspective you will have a winner,” he said.

Gateway News will be publishing a weekly update from Errol, focusing on the FPI’s ongoing campaigns to defend the family and advance Biblical Christian values in Parliament, the media and general society.

Asked what news issues he felt were particularly relevant to Christians in PE and the Eastern Cape, he said there was a need for Christians to become more educated about political parties’ stances on important issues. He also said Christians should be made aware of pending legislation that impacted on issues of family, faith and freedom so that they would be ready to take a stand when necessary. He said the South African Legal Reform Commission was currently wanting to hear people’s views on the the question of whether or not to legalise prostitution. Likewise he said hate crimes laws were on the agenda and that Christians should be aware of moves by pro-gay movements for the proposed new laws to include provisions that could make it an offense to proclaim Biblical views on homosexulaity.


  1. Thank you Andre for giving us GOOD news!

  2. I am in the process of consulting with interested individuals and groups to look at a strategy of establising a newspaper from a Christian perspective where editorial content will be evaluated in the light of the Bible before being presented.A bi-weekly newspaper might be a possible option considering effeciency and afordability

    • All the best with you venture. Meanwhile you and your friends are welcome to send news to us. Our mission is to spread Christian news and news from a Christian perspective continuously. We have started in the Eastern Cape but are aiming for the widest coverage possible. – Andre, Editor, Gateway News

  3. Thank you for invitation we will keep you updated

  4. I have been publishing a Christian newspaper, The Mustard Seed, for the past 9 years. I am willing to give advice and direction to anyone else out there who wants to start a Christian newspaper. I may be contacted on 084 520 4642.

  5. What a vision, considering the population of Christians in the country we living in.

  6. 60 copies Mustard Seed please.
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