Hillsong planting church in Israel

Hillson Israel

Originally published in Charisma News

Australian megachurch Hillsong is planting a church in Tel Aviv, Israel, according to an Instagram post from senior pastor Brian Houston.

“Let me to be the first to tell you this is happening. Hillsong church is going to add a room to our church family in ISRAEL. From Jerusalem to the ends of the earth and from the ends of the earth back to Israel. #prayforhillsongisrael #TelAviv,” Houston said.

His post garnered reactions from people across the world, most of them thrilled for the addition to the Hillsong family.

“That’s so fantastic you’re on to it Hillsong!” One person wrote.

Another said: “Yay bring it on, sure is exiting [sic] times… Jesus is coming and the show down is going to happen.”

And another: “we’re in such exciting times!!”

“So wonderful. Thank you Hillsong Church for blessing Israel,” wrote another.

Hillsong also announced plans to open campuses in San Francisco, Portugal, Bali and Perth.

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