How God raised my daughter from the dead — and can resurrect your dormant dreams

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By Chad McDonald — Originally published in Charisma News

I was away, about 40 miles (64km) from home, when the call came. It was my wife. Frantic on the other end, she went on to tell me: “Abby is running a high fever.”

I didn’t think much of it.

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She hung up the phone, and then only moments later, she called back again. This time, there was fear in hear voice. “Abby is turning blue, and she just went limp.”

Immediately I began to throttle my truck while praying in the Holy Spirit. I needed to cover 40 miles (64km) and fast. However, back home, my wife sprang into action. Fear was not going to immobilise her.

The strength of God came upon her.

Standing there, holding our lifeless daughter in her arms, she laid her on the floor.

Abby was no longer breathing; she was completely lifeless.

Jen knelt over her, and without hesitation, she lifted her eyes toward heaven and shouted.

“No! Not Abby!” And with her second breath, she roared: “Jesus!”

As soon as she called on the name of the Lord, two angels appeared in the room. They surrounded her and Abby. The angels were massive in size, and along with them came the glory of God.

The peace of God invaded that bedroom in a moment, and as it flooded that room, our 2-year-old daughter came back to life! Glory to God!

There are moments when the enemy may attempt to assassinate your promise, attack your life or destitute your family. However, it is in those moments when a decision must be made. Are you going to accept the defeat? Are you going to accept the doctor’s report? Are you going to allow your promise to be buried?

Those are the very moments when you must dig deep with determination and faith and like my wife shout, “No!”

Enough is enough.

No longer will you tolerate the devil’s torment of your life. It is in those vital moments that you, with the authority of heaven, must call upon the name of Jesus.

When that kind of relentless faith places a demand upon God. It reaches out of your need, out of your “not yet” and accesses heaven’s “already done.” That kind of faith — the faith of a mother standing on the word of the Lord — is what brought my little girl back to life.

And it’s exactly what will bring back to life that very thing you thought was over and done. That thing you thought was impossible? You better get ready!

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” –Mark 9:23.

Chad MacDonald is the founder of Revival Fire World Ministries, an international prophetic voice, revivalist, published author and host of The Voice of Revival on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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