How this blind Iraqi refugee memorised 87 chapters of the Bible

“Fadhil”, who is blind, has memorised 87 chapters of the Bible by listening to a solar-powered audio Bible. (PHOTO: YouTube)

Originally published in Faithwire

An extraordinary story has emerged of an Iraqi refugee who managed to memorise 87 chapters of the Bible, despite being completely blind. “Fadhil,” whose name has been changed for security reasons, is a refugee in Amman, Jordan who has an innate passion for the Word of God. Clearly, the obvious question is “how?”

Well, using a solar-powered audio Bible provided by evangelistic ministry Leading The Way.

Leading the Way was founded by Dr Michael Youssef in 1988 with a fundamental vision to reach the Middle East for Christ and evangelise the Muslim world.

According to its website, “the ministry utilises field ministry teams to evangelise seekers, disciple new believers, and help the persecuted in places where it is dangerous to follow Christ.”

“It was convicting, because for us we memorise a couple of verses. But he memorised chapters. He just meditates on scriptures day in and day out,’” said one of Leading the Way’s partners, David Bottoms. “Fadhil is someone who would seem unremarkable by the ways of the world. But God doesn’t choose to reveal Himself through the mighty and the powerful and the rich. He reveals Himself through the poor and the humble,” added another partner, Ron Hughes.

In a video released by Leading the Way, Fadhil can be seen talking about his experience of immersing himself in scripture.

Watch the video below:

Bottoms said that the blind man was “so overjoyed” to receive the solar audio Bible from the organisation. Remarkably, the device weighs just 2.3 ounces (65 grams) and is smaller than an iPhone. “Day in, day out, he just listens,” he noted.

Hughes recalled the profound experience of being present in a room with such a spiritual giant, where the Word of God was being lifted high in the midst of such humble surroundings.

“God doesn’t choose to reveal himself through the mighty and the powerful and the rich,” he said. “God chooses to reveal himself through the poor, the humble and the infirm. Being in this small, modest home and being in the presence of greatness and being in the presence of God as His Word was magnified and filled the room and filled the hearts of everyone who was there was an amazing experience.”

Hughes said the organisation is “changing hearts, changing minds and glorifying God on the ground in the Middle East,” adding that this was a part of the world that is “starving for God’s love.”

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