International warrior against antisemitism visiting SA in November

Dr Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.

Influential Christian supporter of Israel Dr Laurie Cardoza-Moore will be visiting South Africa next month on a mission to educate and activate believers regarding their biblical responsibility to stand with Israel.

Cardoza-Moore who is well-known to a global audience through her weekly Focus on Israel programme on Daystar television, was in SA in July to launch a Gauteng chapter of her Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN) movement.

During her upcoming visit from November 9 to 14, which is hosted by SA Friends of Israel (SAFI), the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ South Africa) and PJTN Gauteng, she will meet with Christian leaders and address public meetings in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town and screen her award-winning documentary Boycott This!

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In a telephone interview with Gateway News yesterday, Cardoza-Moore said Christian leaders from several African countries where Focus on Israel is viewed were expected at some of her meetings in Gauteng.

She said the Gauteng chapter of PJTN which came about following an email to her from Cheryl Charles, a South African viewer of Focus on Israel, was their first international chapter.

“I hope to see more chapters [in South Africa and Africa] and more grassroots activation of citizens who are going to take their communities one community at a time,”

In a briefing message to PJTN supporters in the US, Cardoza-Moore says her SA mission “comes amid increasing pressure from the pro-Palestinian organisations in South Africa pushing the BDS movement as well as a similar agenda coming from the ruling African National Congress Party, which has long been hostile to Israel”.

She also comments that replacement theology [which teaches that God no longer has any unique plans for the Jewish people] is a widely-accepted doctrine in SA, “fuelling misinformed and misdirected hatred for Israel”.

She told Gateway News yesterday, that it was an “unfortunate reality” that the Boycott Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which is “fuelling global antisemitism”, emerged at the United Nations World Conference on Racism in Durban in 2001 after the church in South Africa did not challenge the lie that likened Zionism to apartheid.

She said she started her ministry years ago, with the conviction that Christians need to be educated about what the Bible teaches on the Hebrew roots of our faith and believers’ responsibility towards Israel, as well as the history of antisemitism in the Church because of a lack of understanding of biblical texts from a Hebraic perspective. She approached many church leaders, anticipating they would support her but nobody wanted to get involved.

Then, after months of praying and seeking direction from the Lord, Archbishop Dr John Lupoli, the president of the World Council of Independent Christian Churches approached her and said she needed ecumenical endorsement of her message. Today she is special envoy to the UN for the WCICC.

She said God also told her to bypass the pulpit with her message because His shepherds were not listening but the people sitting in their pews were.

The Focus on Israel programme has provided her with a powerful tool for reaching believers directly with her message, she said. “It doesn’t matter where my message goes around the earth because as Christians we all speak the same language, and that is the Bible. The Christians will respond according to the Word of God — like happened in South Africa [with the response that led to the launch of the PJTN chapter in Gauteng],” she said.

“God is doing a new thing all over the earth because I hear from Christians all over the world that God is showing this to me in my quiet time — He’s opening up the Scriptures to them. 

“And I believe it is for such a time as this. Look at the nation of Israel — it is being reborn — as Isaiah prophesied (Isaiah 66:8) — Can a nation be born in a day? — and it’s happened in our lifetime. The Torah and the prophets are very clear that God is going to restore Israel and when we see this happen, when we see the buds, this generation will not pass away before the Son of Man returns in the clouds.

“We are trying to get people to go back to the Bible. What does the Word of God say? Not what does somebody’s denomination say. That’s been the greatest problem — religion.”

She said that during her visit to South Africa her message to people will be to go back to the Word of God.

“They need to look at the Scriptures I’m quoting and make sure I am rightly dividing the Word. They shouldn’t just believe me and the same is true for the pastors they are underneath.”

Laurie Cardozo-Moore’s schedule in SA will include:

November 10 – Liberty Christian Fellowship Ministries, 624 Mansfield Road & Ellof Street
Mayville, Pretoria.
— 11am to 3.30pm session with lunchbreak, including Boycott This! documentary and question and answer time.

November 11 — Redemption Church, Greenstone Shopping Centre, 10 Stoneride Drive, Greenstone Park, Lethabong.
– Pastors and leaders’ lunch — 3.30pm to 6.30pm  / RSVP to:
– Evening event and documentary screening — 7pm to 9.30pm / RSVP to:

November 13 –Cape Town — Friend of God Church, c/o Frans Conradie and Vasco Blvd, Goodwood
– Pastors and leaders’ early supper — 4pm to 6.30pm / or 021 879 1788
– Evening event and documentary screening — 7pm to 9.30pm / RSVP to:

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