It’s an encore for the Love Bombs

Cape Town’s Labia Theatre was the busiest it’s been in 20 years during the recent Love Bomb’s 8-day film festival. Now the festival is going back for an encore.

The curtains are opening once again for the highly successful Love Bombs Film Festival. In early August three locally produced short films premiered to a sold out crowd of 1300 movie goers, over 8 days, at the Labia on Orange, Cape Town.

Canteen owner Harold said, “This is the busiest I have seen the Labia in twenty years.” And so with such high demand and much excitement, the three short films are back for the Love Bombs Encore. On the 14th and 15th September 2012 The Labia on Orange Theatre will be host the Love Bombs once more.

The Love Bombs are a project of the Film Kru, a Film and Media team at Joshua Generation Church. But these are not the usual films you would expect a church to make; the Love Bombs are hard hitting, action packed and insightful stories, artfully captured on screen. Made by a team of over 300 volunteers new to the world of film making, these films manage to deliver a big budget feel, with minimal finances and passion as their primary resource.

One guest shared her impression of the films, “They (the films) were very well written and professional, with good acting.” Under the guidance of up and coming local filmmaker, Howard James Fyvie, the Film Kru have embarked on a South African adventure of fun, hard work and quality filmmaking.

You will be whisked away on a journey of film through these three unique movies; enjoy the ride as The Second Day transports you to a science fiction, post-apocalyptic world of prisons and cage fighting. Watch as a young girl, forced to enter a fighting ring to fight for her life, is saved as a stranger steps in to take her place. The next stop on the adventure is the Township of Du Noon in modern day South Africa in iBalaclava. In the midst of poverty and gangsterism, two brothers try to survive the hardships of life. The older brother gets himself into trouble and it falls onto the younger to get him out of a dangerous situation. The ride continues into modern day Cape Town with the experimental drama, The Prodigal. This coming of age story explores sexual identity and forgiveness as a young boy leaves his father’s house in search of love and acceptance. Will he find what he
is looking for? Your journey through film will not end there however, before the curtains close for the final time audiences will be treated to one of the novice film makers giving some insight into their experience of being on set and offering their perspective on the film making process.

In addition to the premier festival, the films have caused quite a stir in the local press with the Love Bombs project featuring in
various newspaper articles in both Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The film makers were also interviewed by the renowned South African film critic, Barry Ronge, on ‘Sunday Night at the Movies’ for Talk Radio 702, and appeared on SABC 2’s popular youth magazine program ‘Hectic 9 nine’ broadcast to over 2.5 million viewers.

To find out more about the Love Bombs, to watch the trailers and to buy your tickets go to Alternatively ‘like’ the Facebook page at or email .

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