Kingfisher awarded Focus on the Family Broadcast Shield

Xandre van der Berg.

Last week, saw more than one hundred and forty delegates from 57 different media platforms, including Radio Stations, TV-stations, magazines and music houses meet in Johannesburg for their annual media conference of the Association of Christian Media.

Xandre van der Berg, Kingfisher FM’s Program Manager attended the conference on behalf of Kingfisher FM.  As Kingfisher FM’s ‘product, talent & innovation manager’ in attendance at the Gala -evening, she proudly accepted the coveted ‘Focus on the Family Broadcast Shield’, on behalf of Kingfisher FM.

Announcing the winner on Friday evening, Natalie Turco of the ACM said: ‘This station openly seeks to mature and protect families and aims at encouraging the development of a holistic and integrated life.”

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After the prestigious award was received, one of the judges commented: “I like the dynamics of Kingfisher FM. I’ve known the station for a number of years and their commitment to a strong and healthy lifestyle has always been positive.”

“We’ve been working on creating this Kingfisher FM for a while now,’”said Xandre.  “In 2007 we did away with outdated analogue broadcasting methods, implementing the best technology available.  Since then we’ve been researching, getting feedback and innovating a new product which perfectly fits families.  It is great to receive the ‘broadcast shield’.  When recognised by your peers it is always an encouragement.  Our gratitude goes out to everyone who shares our bit of awesomeness.  In the end the greatest joy comes from having fun and making a difference, while you live the dream which was ignited inside of you.”

Graeme Schnell, Communications Director of Focus on the Family, Africa commented as follows: “Congratulations Kingfisher FM! We’re proud of you and we’re so grateful for all you do to help families in your community thrive. We’re also so thankful for the partnership we have with you.”

The Focus on the Family Broadcast Shield is awarded annually to the radio station with the strongest commitment to family.

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