Let’s go viral with new Gateway News video campaign!

Gateway News editor, Andre Viljoen and chairman, Afrika Mhlophe, at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference, where they encouraged men to subscribe to the free weekly email newsletter. About 1 000 men subscribed via sms.

How can Gateway News reach every Christian in South Africa with local, national and international Christian news and news from a Christian perspective? — With God’s help and with the participation of His people in South Africa!!!

We believe that our brand new 60 seconds promotional video clip that was made for us by a talented production house, and which was launched on the big screens at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference last weekend, provides a great opportunity for people like you to join us in spreading Christian news throughout this country.

This is the idea. First of all, view the video clip below:


The next step is to download the video from youtube (if you are able to) or dropbox (just right click on the link and save the video file) and show it at your church or to some other group. Then you can ask the viewers to take out their cellphones and to subscribe to the free weekly Gateway News email newsletter following the simple instruction on the video clip. We did just that at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference and about 1 000 men subscribed. Each Friday subscribers receive a newsletter with links to the top stories of the week.

Please join us!
With the help of our friends who share our vision, we would like to show the video in thousands of churches, and get it onto screens in many public places. We would be delighted if you would join us in getting the video viewed and building our subscriber base. You may have some other innovative ideas about how to make this video viral. Do give us feedback if you show the video and recruit subscribers.

We believe that God will use Gateway News to impact the news media in South Africa, and to help Christians to maintain a Biblical worldview in a culture that is under constant bombardment by powerful media messages that are at odds with the Gospel. Now is the time to spread the news!

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