LullaBible for kids launching in June

LALABIBLEThe Zzzz Lulla…Series, a CD/DVD combo of Bible verses and lullabies for little ones will launch in June, says Christian Art in a media release.

The brainchild of Aletté-Johanni Winckler, wife of platinum award-winning singer-songwriter Heinz Winckler, the series consists of a LullaBible, CD and DVD in both English and Afrikaans. The series aims to use music, visuals and words to spiritually nurture babies and toddlers.

My LullaBible and My LullaBybel are published in English and Afrikaans, and feature a Scripture verse and prayer that accompany each of the 24 lullabies. The artwork is bright and cute animals, birds, stars, clouds and toys form the backdrop to the text. A bonus 5-track CD sampler is included in the LullaBible, featuring lullabies designed to lull little ones to sleep.

The Zzzz Lulla-Bye / Zzzz Lulla-Baai CDs have been produced by Heinz Winckler and feature the vocal talent of Aletté-Johanni Winckler and Sumari Schoeman, her best friend of 18 years. The first album in this CD series is titled Sleepy Time (English) and Ek Droom (Afrikaans).

This 13-track CD includes original songs, well-known Praise and Worship covers, instrumental tracks and traditional medleys of well-known lullabies. Song titles include Sleepy Time, I Dream, Amazed and Come To Me.

The first title in the Zzzz Lulla-Bye / Zzzz Lulla-Baai DVD series is Sleepy Time (English) and Ek Droom (Afrikaans). The DVD creates a captivating and educational visual experience through which parents can interact with their children, says Christian Art.  It says the music on the 10-track DVD has a great calming quality that is complemented by a delicate balance between picturesque scenes from nature, assorted playful images and images of babies and children.

A highlight on both CD’s and DVD’s is “My Son, The One” / “My Seun, My Seën”, a heart warming song Winckler wrote and sings for his sons Simeon and Lian.

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