Meet three more Global Leadership Summit speakers — Part 3

Liz Bohannon.

This week we introduce another four speakers from the list of 24 influential thought leaders who will be inspiring attendees at the annual Global Leadership Summit at venues throughout South Africa in October and November.

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Liz Bohannon — Co-founder and Co-CEO, Sseko Designs

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Liz Bohannon is the founder of Sseko Designs, a socially-conscious fashion brand that works to create leadership and educational opportunities for women across the globe. She believes that business is a powerful platform for social change and that girls are our future. She was named by Bloomberg Businessweek as a top social entrepreneur and by Forbes as a top 20 speaker. In her book, Beginner’s Pluck, releasing at the Summit, Bohannon uses her journey to explore 14 principles for not finding, but building a life of purpose, passion and impact.

Dr Krish Kandiah — Founder, Home for Good; consultant; social entrepreneur

Dr Kris Kandiah.

An advocate for fostering and adoption, Dr Kandiah is the founding director of Home for Good, a charity seeking to find permanent loving homes for children in the UK foster care system. He is the author of 13 books including his latest, Faitheism: Why Christians and Atheists have more in common than you think. He is a regular broadcaster on the BBC and a contributor to the Guardian and Times of London. An international speaker and consultant, he offers both creativity and academic reflection to bring strategic change, culture shift and innovation. Dr Kandiah and his wife have 7 children through birth, adoption and fostering.

Todd Henry — Founder, Accidental Creative; author; leadership consultant

Todd Henry.

Todd Henry teaches leaders and organisations how to establish practices that lead to everyday brilliance. As host of The Accidental Creative Podcast—with millions of downloads—Henry delivers weekly tips and ideas for staying prolific, brilliant and healthy. He is the author of four books, including Die Empty which was named by Amazon as one of the best books of 2013. Henry’s latest book, Herding Tigers, Be the Leader that Creative People Need, is a practical handbook for anyone charged with leading people and teams to creative brilliance.


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