MOVIEWISE — August 4 2017


Pieter Pohl, founder of Innovation Films and marketing manager of CMD Entertainment Africa, sheds some light on the latest movies.

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Marine Tyler Ferguson is determined to fulfil his promise to his fallen brother-in-arms Sam — to travel from Afghanistan to Africa to deliver the news to Sam’s sister, Rachel, and her husband, pastor Jay Harley. As they cope with the Ethiopian civil war, Tyler witnesses the Harleys’ deep faith. Will he accept Christ — and make the ultimate sacrifice?

Dove Review:
We have here a faith-based movie which nicely demonstrates the power of sacrifice in the name of love. Samuel Quincy (Merle Shenk) gives his life for fellow Marine Tyler Ferguson (nicely played by Stephen Preston). Tyler promised to let Quincy’s sister Rachel know if anything happened to him. He travels to meet her and meets her husband as well, a pastor named Jay Harley (Jonathan Pienar). Rachel (Claire Winters) is grateful to Tyler despite the bad news.

Tyler is faced with making a decision, accepting Christ just as his friend Quincy had. Ironically, he is soon faced with a similar test of faith, the chance to save lives by giving his own.

This inspirational story features good guys, bad guys (including a scavenging leader named Maroba) and the power of sacrificial love. We are pleased to award this movie our Family Approved Seal for ages twelve plus. This one speaks to the heart. —

(Sunday August 6 2017: MNET 101 20:30)

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Movieguide Summary:
In Bad Moms, a mother overwhelmed with responsibilities and her husband’s unfaithfulness rallies the PTA mothers to elect her president while she and two other mothers indulge their hedonistic desires. Despite some genuinely funny moments and a convoluted message of a mother’s love for her children, Bad Moms glorifies raunchy behaviour and irresponsibility, with lots of foul language, lewd content and drunkenness.

Movieguide Review – Glorifying and excusing bad behaviour:
In Bad Moms, Amy is an overwhelmed mother, raising two children, dealing with a lazy husband, and working full-time at a part-time job. To make matters worse, she’s expected to fall in line with the school’s PTA, run by the snobbish and strict Gwendolyn. At the end of her rope, Amy and two other mothers revolt against their responsibilities and the PTA. This infuriates Gwendolyn, who makes Amy’s life miserable. At the same time, Amy catches her husband cheating and must figure out how to raise her children by herself. When Gwendolyn goes too far, Amy decides to stop her once and for all.

Bad Moms starts out innocently with Amy doing her best to be a good mother. The humour is genuinely funny and relatable to many families. That’s why it’s a shame it’s ruined by excessive foul language, references to adultery, nudity, scenes of drunkenness, and many lewd jokes.

Movieguide agrees parents sometimes need a break from the stresses of life, but doing drugs, getting drunk, vandalising stores, having affairs, and committing hit-and-runs aren’t acceptable behaviours for responsible adults, no matter how much you may love your children. Bad Moms glorifies and excuses bad behaviour. —

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