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Pieter Pohl, founder of Innovation Films and marketing manager of CMD Entertainment Africa, sheds some light on the latest movies.

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Logan is a redemptive, but brutal, science fiction thriller set in a dark America in 2029, where Logan, aka Wolverine, and a dying Professor Xavier try to save a young mutant girl chased by an army of villains led by a mad scientist who’s been genetically engineering mutant children to turn them into vicious soldiers. Logan’s redemptive, relentless storyline is seriously undercut by lots of brutal, extreme violence, much gratuitous foul language, and heaps of despair.

MOVIEGUIDE REVIEW – “Redemptive, but Brutal, Fable”

Based on a new story that changes the history developed in the X-Men comic books, the movie opens with a drunken Logan, who’s become a limo driver, awakened by some gang thugs trying to steal his fancy limo’s tires. Logan, who’s pulled off to the side of the road to sleep, asks them to leave, but when they viciously attack him, he becomes enraged and kills them all.

It turns out Logan has hidden Professor Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-Men, in an abandoned oil complex in Mexico because Charles suffers from terrible seizures that can kill anyone around him if they go on too long. Logan, who’s aging and becoming sicker by the day, helped by a surviving albino mutant named Caliban, take care of Charles, feeding him prescription pills and sometimes injections to dampen his powerful mental abilities. However, Charles is in mental contact with a young mutant girl, Laura, who’s in some kind of terrible trouble. Apparently, the rest of the X-Men and many other mutants are dead.

Eventually, Logan and Charles meet up with Laura, who’s being tracked by an army of thugs sent by the large company that found ways to kill any mutant who refused to join them. The army is led by the company’s mad scientist leader who’s been genetically engineering mutant children like Laura, plying them with dangerous drugs and training them to develop an army of ruthless mutant soldiers. Laura and several other children escaped, but Laura got separated from the other children. Now, Laura needs Logan’s help to get to Canada, which has become an asylum for mutants like her.

As this plot develops, several questions arise. What’s wrong with Professor Xavier? Why does Logan appear finally to be aging and is himself becoming sicker and sicker? And, what happened to the X-Men?

Logan features a relentless, action packed story with multiple Christian references. For example, when Logan, Charles and Laura help a horse farmer and his family, they have dinner at the family’s house, and the father leads them all in the Lord’s Prayer. In addition, the movie is ultimately about Logan’s redemption from a lonely life filled with rage and violence. Logan’s redemption involves much sacrifice on his part to protect Laura.

Sadly, however, Logan, the movie, is set in a very dark world filled with brutal violence. It turns out that the mad scientist genetically created Laura from Logan’s DNA and experimented on her, so she has sharp steel claws hidden in her hands like Logan does and can regenerate herself quickly like the younger Logan used to do. Throughout the movie, Logan and Laura must fight and kill many of the soldiers that the mad scientist sends to kill Logan and capture Laura. Much of the killing involves Logan and Laura stabbing and slicing the soldiers to death with their claws.

The movie also contains constant foul language, including abundant “f” words. Also, Logan swears several times using Christ’s name and many times in front of the young girl. In addition, during a montage of Logan chauffeuring people in his limo, one girl riding with a bunch of other girls wearing prom dresses briefly exposes her breasts to Logan as a lewd prank.

All in all, Logan is an ultraviolent movie filled with excessive, gratuitous foul language. –

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