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[notice]Pieter Pohl, founder of Innovation Films and marketing manager of CMD Entertainment Africa, sheds some light on the latest movies.[/notice]

lethoperise movieHILLSONG: LET HOPE RISE – In Cinemas October  7 2016

The Theatrical Worship Experience:
Join with the chorus of believers all across the country who will gather in local cinemas to sing God’s praises – during a movie!
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Kevin, a father that has lost his way, takes his family on a hiking trip out in the desert. Tragedy strikes and our family are forced to fight the elements that lurk in the day and night of the desolate wasteland. 15-year-old Katie, who possesses a strong faith in GOD, must rise above and help her family. Will Kevin find his path in life and become a good father and save his family?

Dove Review:
This is a terrific suspense movie with a spiritual message. Kevin is a middle-aged man who doesn’t talk to his fifteen year old daughter Katie much. He also doesn’t pay much attention to his wife. A young woman, twenty five years old, named Alecia flirts with him and he is tempted by her. When she invites him in to her place after he gives her a ride home from work, he turns her down but still texts her later from home. However when Kevin agrees to go on a desert hike with his family for his wife Rebecca’s birthday present his world changes.

In a bad domino effect, one thing after another goes wrong including Kevin losing a map and his keys as they walk, and then Rebecca sufferers a fall and is injured and Kevin breaks his foot when he goes for help. Add to this a rattlesnake in the tent, and then Katie being bitten by a scorpion, and the family seems to have been abandoned by God. But that is the furthest thing from the truth. When Katie goes to search for help, Kevin repents to God and promises to be a better husband and father. Soon Katie is desperate, thirsty and running out of time. Will God come through when they most need Him? We are pleased to award this movie our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages although it may be a bit intense for the very young. The movie will have the viewer on the edge of his or her seat and it does have a satisfying conclusion. –


(Sun September 18 2016: MNet 20:05 & MNet Movies Premiere 20:30)

Movie Trailer:

straight_outta_compton_ver8-135x200In 1987, five young men, using brutally honest rhymes and hard-core beats, put their frustration and anger about life in the most dangerous place in America into the most powerful weapon they had: their music. Taking us back to where it all began, Straight Outta Compton tells the true story of how these cultural rebels – armed only with their lyrics, swagger, bravado and raw talent – stood up to the authorities that meant to keep them down and formed the world’s most dangerous group, N.W.A. And as they spoke the truth that no one had before and exposed life in the hood, their voice ignited a social revolution that is still reverberating today.

MovieGuide Review:
STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON follows the famous gangster rap group N.W.A. from life on the crime-ridden, poverty-stricken streets of Compton, California to national stardom. While the group consisted of five members, the movie focuses on three of them, including Eric Wright aka Eazy-E, Ice cube and Dr.Dre. In 1986 Compton, 22-year-old Eazy-E is making money dealing drugs on the street. Ice Cube, still in high-school, is writing trap lyrics and performing at small clubs hosted by Dre.Dre, who’s trying to get his career as a DJ started. The group creates a hit song and album, turning them into a controversial American sensation.

The acting, direction and cinematography of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON are exceptional. The movie slides over complex issues, including alleged police abuse, free speech, gang violence, poverty, and the dangers of excessive wealth, but it fails to offer any solution to anything. It reflects the vulgar messy life of some talented men, offering no light or redemption. Media-wise viewers will find the magnitude of foul language in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON excessively vulgar. The movie also contains strong lewd content and substance abuse. –

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