New website brings best of network’s past and present to smart phones, laptops, and connected TVs

Originally published in Christian Newswire

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the world’s largest religious broadcaster, today announced the launch of  iTBN, a new online service that brings the best of TBN’s programming – past and present – to one convenient website.

“Online broadcast is the future of TV,” said TBN’s Chief of Staff Paul Crouch Jr. “Whether through laptops, smart phones and mobile devices, or even TVs connected to the Internet at home, more people are watching their favorite shows from online sources.”

Websites like Hulu and Netflix have opened up a new horizon in television, one that TBN has capitalized on with the launch of its online service. “Through iTBN we’ve pulled together all the best from TBN’s vast broadcast archives, so our viewers can access many of the classic shows that have impacted them and their families through the years,” Crouch said. “Plus, they can pull up recent shows as well as watch TBN’s most popular networks in real time.”

Crouch explained that the launch of iTBN, along with the introduction of a TBN app for smart phones and mobile devices, is part of the network’s strategy to make Christian programming accessible to the increasing numbers of viewers spending less time watching traditional TV and more time online. “Nearly 40 years ago, my parents helped introduce Christian television to America and the world,” he recalled of TBN’s founders Paul and Jan Crouch. “And today there’s a new generation of viewers who are poised to take Christian television’s popularity and extend it to the digital age, where they’re not tied down to broadcast schedules and big-box TV sets. They can watch what they want, when and where they want to watch it.”

Among the broadcast treasure to which viewers have free access 24-7 through iTBN are: TBN Classics, timeless exclusive TBN programs viewers have enjoyed over the years; Popular Documentaries, thought-provoking programs that are among TBN’s most requested shows; Educational and Children’s Programs, entertaining and uplifting shows the whole family will enjoy; and Movies, big-screen favorites that have helped make TBN a leader in quality Christian and family films.

In addition, iTBN includes on-demand viewing categories for Christian music, shows for teens, and much more. It even allows viewers to watch clips of specific speakers, authors, musicians, and others who have appeared on TBN programs, as well as search for programs on specific faith issues they may want to know more about.

And, of course, iTBN gives viewers instant access to TBN’s most watched networks: TBN’s flagship network, the Church Channel, JCTV, Smile of a Child, Enlace USA, Nejat TV in Farsi, and the Arabic-language Healing Channel.

Paul Crouch Jr. said that iTBN represents a new chapter in the delivery of Christian and family programming. “We designed iTBN to give viewers the most choices for the types of inspirational and family programming they want to watch, when they want to watch it,” he said. “We think iTBN is a model service for a new generation of viewers.”

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