New Year resolutions for worship services

[notice]Hugh Wetmore is a songwriter and student of worship trends. He invites you to join the worship conversation by commenting on his monthly column.[/notice]

As a Pastor …
I will supply the Worship Leader with my Text and Subject in time to choose suitable songs.
I will encourage thorough preparation of all the elements of the Worship Service

As a Worship Leader …
I will consult with the Pastor or Preacher to hear what the Spirit has put in his heart for the Sermon.
I will prayerfully prepare the Worship Service, especially the flow of the Songs.
I will choose Vertical songs of prayer/praise, and Horizontal songs that teach/preach God’s Word.
I will prepare a few words of continuity to ensure that the congregation senses purpose in the flow.
I will maintain eye-contact with the congregation, aware of whether they are singing with you or not.
I will know what to do if the power fails, and manage glitches, eg the wrong slide appears.

As a Musician …
I will practice thoroughly and sensitively, so that I give my best to the Lord who gave me my talent.

As a Vocalist or Choir Member …
I will prepare to sing with sensitivity and clear diction, giving a confident lead to the congregation.
I will work with the other vocalists/choir members so that we sing with one voice.
I will give a clear lead after riffs and gaps in the music (avoiding ragged, stuttering entries.)

As a Projectionist …
I will prepare the slides and ensure that the projected words enhance their meaning. (This is done by
paying attention to line-breaks, punctuation, colour contrast on background, fonts-size/style, spelling).
I will ensure that the slides are in the right order, with repeats copied in sequence (to avoid fumbling).
I will change slides as the last word is sung (not only when the first word of the next slide is sung).

As a Sound-desk Operator …
I will be at the rehearsals to be confident of sustaining the balance on all inputs throughout the
I will control the volume to facilitate the congregation’s singing, not allowing the stage to dominate it.
I will improve my skills, so that I can handle any sound emergencies with minimal disruption.

As One of the Congregation …
I will actively participate in the Worship Service, by singing, making the prayers my own, paying
attention to every part of the Service, by giving money with a generous spirit, by listening to the
Sermon and evaluating the message by the standard of God’s Word, by initiating fellowship and
conversation with friends and strangers, by focusing on Jesus Christ and His will for my life.

All of the Above …
I will cultivate a Christian lifestyle 24/7, and a clean conscience before God, so He can use me.

….. so help me, God!

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