Parents push back as Disney ditches family-friendly brand

Christians protest outside Disney’s headquarters in Burbank, California on April 6 (PHOTO: AP/CBN News)

The world’s premier brand name for family-friendly entertainment, the Walt Disney Company is increasingly finding itself at odds with American parents unhappy with its woke agenda.

In the wake of Disney waging a political war against a Florida bill that bans educators from teaching very young children about sexual orientation, gender identity, and transgender issues, as well as leaked videos of Disney leaders and staff planning to increase LGBTQ content in children’s programming, recent polls show the company is losing US public support.

One recent poll found that more than 68% of general-election voters are less likely to do business with Disney because of the company’s commitment to LGBTQ activism.

Another poll which surveyed 1 305 adults from April 6 to 8, found that 57% of Americans “agree strongly” or “agree somewhat” with Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which prohibits educators from sexualising young children.

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek has stated that the company will use its cultural capital to advocate for the repeal of the bill which is mischaracterised by the media and activists groups as the “Don’t Say Gay bill”, despite the fact that it does not mention the word “gay” nor place any ban on its utterance.

Meanwhile, Christian worship leader and social activist Sean Feucht, announced on Wednesday that he is leading a “Hold the Line” rally on May 16, at the Walt Disney World complex in central Florida. On April 6 he hosted a similar event at The Walt Disney Company headquarters in Burbank, California. Hundreds of Christians and conservatives — including at least one current Disneyland cast member — participated in that rally.

Feucht previously told CBN’s Faithwire parents have been “blindsided” by Disney’s unflinching opposition to the parental rights law in Florida, adding many have been gobsmacked at the sight of the family brand “fighting for the sexualisation of children, starting in kindergarten.”

“I think Christians sometimes — they get way too soft,” said Feucht of why it’s important to vocally oppose Disney’s recent actions. “They don’t realise that they’re powerful. We have a voice that can change things economically for Disney. We have a voice that can change things politically in this country. … We’re called to be salt and light in every part of society. So when issues like this happen, we don’t just back down; we have to stand up.”

Disney’s political activism against the parental control bill drew a response from Florida governor Ron de Santis who asked his state’s legislature to repeal a longstanding law granting Walt Disney World Resort special privileges that allow it to essentially self-govern itself on its sprawling 25 000-acre Reedy Creek property.

On Wednesday, Florida’s state Senate approved legislation ending Disney’s tax privilege in Reedy Creek. It will now go to the Republican-controlled House, where it is also expected to pass. DeSantis has said he will sign the legislation.

This article is based on reports in CBN News and Faithwire

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